John Cena's career.

Discussion in 'RAW' started by DashingPerfection, Oct 9, 2012.

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  1. John Cena debuted against Kurt Angle, a tough superstar to debut against. He won suprisingly. Now 10 years later, he has been 2012 Mr. MITB, WWE Tag-team champion, United States champion, WWE Champion, World Heavyweight champion, and 2008 Royal Rumble winner. He accomplished many things in his career, but what is your favorite part of his career?
  2. I love how you say 10 years later he has been Mr. MITB like that's the highlight of his career
  3. After 10 Years he has been Mr. Money in the Bank.

    Let's forget the WWE Tag-Team Champion, The United States Champion, The World Heavyweight Champion and The WWE Champion.
    Also let's forget 2008 Royal Rumble Winner.
  4. Okay I'll fix it. I was just lazy.
  5. He has also held the WWE Championship the most times. I like his time during the rivalry with Edge, those two put up a great rivalry and I enjoyed watching it, I also liked his time as United States champion.
  6. His feud with Edge was awesome.
  7. There's absolutely nothing I like(d) about John Cena. Never found him interesting at all. But he has a lot of great matches, tbh.
  8. You're damn right it was awesome.
  9. No he didn't. Cena lost his debut match against Angle.

    And my favorite part of his career is probably his feud with Punk during the Summer Of Punk and yes that has much more to do with Punk than Cena. Cena & Edge's feud was also great as was that near hour long match with HBK on Raw.
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