John Cena's rap or The Rock's concert-Which was better and why?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Justin17, Mar 13, 2012.

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  1. First of I'll give my opinion and say that John Cena's rap was good, the bitch pg kids
    finally got to see the real Cena and not no fruity pebble eatin' homeless power
    ranger that has been a clown since '06...but the doctor of thuganomics white rappin
    no slappin hands of fans and throwin his cap in the crowd guy.
    One of the best Cena raps since his debut

    Then The Rock's concert was also good if not better... he tore through Cena like a
    hobo with big mac, insulted his him and even got in the classic 'if else fails say you
    done his mamma' diss in there but, there was hardly any fails in the promo
    (except the the little singalong at the end which was a bit weird).
    The best concert The Rock has did, and I watched the one he did for Goldberg live
    ages ago when i was a kid.
  2. Rock's was longer so I have to say Rock but I'm still rooting for Cena in this.
  3. THE ROCK THE GREAT 1 :rock: DUH!
  4. The Rock's by a margin. To keep that crowd entertained for over 20 minutes takes talent. So many hilarious moments. Also, I think that rap is a lot easier to do as it's basically just like a normal promo with a bit more attitude.

    I thought Cena's content was pretty poor tonight. Mainly just sucking up to the fans, it didn't work though. Was cool seeing Dr of thuganomics back though.
  5. Rock's was better Cena's wasn't great. One thing I've always wondered is why do Rock's fans use his insults towards Cena when describing him?
  6. Cena's rap was not PG which is why I liked it. BUT, The Rock just owned him. His concert was way better and the insults , oh lawdy. We will rock you had good lyrics.
  7. Yeah lol I knew The Rock's better but I didn't want to seem like a Rock mark and I'm Cena hater so if comment about Cena seem
    shit thats cause I think the same about his in-ring skills
  8. Loved to see the old Cena but rock fucked his frutiy peble ass up
  9. Rock had 20 minutes, Cena had 4. Hard to compare. Which did I mark for most? Cena's. Which did I laugh at and find more enjoyable? Rock's.

    Both were completely pointless segments and should have been done weeks ago, not so close to WM.
  10. You don't seem like a Rock mark or Cena hater going by the above statement :emoji_wink:

    Tbf that's what forums are for, hate on Cena all you want as long as it's within reason !
  11. thank's bro, just if i did rip into him which i do to my cousins whenever they bring up the word 'Cena' until they have to say 'y2j' to calm my nerves lol

    and as the rock...I'm not gonna lie I grew up watching the attitude era as a teen, watched the monday night wars (both sides) and can honestly say that the Rock was
    the 'it' of the WWF and when he just PWNED cena just brought back memories
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