WrestleMania John Laurantis vs Teddy Long

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Lockard 23, Feb 21, 2012.

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  1. I had an idea for Wrestlemania that the WWE might do. There is obviously a story going between the two where both want full control over both Raw and Smackdown. I think they might do a match at Wrestlemania that was similar to Vince and Donald Trump at WM23 where both pick someone to represent them and whichever side wins, then the GM they are representing gets full control of both Raw and Smackdown.

    I'm thinking it might actually be a tag team match, at least a six man tag match. But after seeing Christian, Otunga, Henry and Del Rio all share a picture with Laurantis at the Elimination Chamber PPV, I'm thinking it might be an eight man tag match with these four being the ones who represent Laurantis. And I know Christian is a Smackdown guy, but if he wants Laurantis to be the one who controls the whole show, then it's fine that he would be on Laurantis's team. By the same logic, a Raw guy might prefer Teddy Long to be in complete control and thus join the "Smackdown" team. (And if this happens, I would expect Santino to be on Teddy Long's team, considering how over he is at the moment.)

    (Sorry if something similar to this was brought in the Raw thread, but I can't be expected to read through 71 pages to see if it has.)
  2. Really good idea actually. Hopefully Otunga and friends get the win for Johnny Ace.
  3. Teddy Long would win! just like he did to Erie B. at S.Seris of 2005! And Teddy Long would have Full Control of the SmackDown and Raw which would be GREAT!
  4. It will be a good match with christian, ADR, and mark Henry in johnny's corner
  5. Great idea and would be a good add, but I'm not sure they'll do it. If they do Ace has to get the win, the story-line with him in charge can't end yet he's gold.

  6. I dont think that will be a good idea though because then either Teddy or Johnny will be in ontrol of both the shows which wouldnt be good imo. Its better with two gms in 2 shows.
    However if it does happen, John will win, Teddy is boring.

    However i was hoping for a Mick Foley vs Johnny Ace match.
  7. If they do pull the trigger on this, then Johnny Ace's team will definitely win. Teddy Long has been the Smackdown GM for a long time, maybe he's ready to retire in real life or something.
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