john Laurinaitis is "fired", means what?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Ganesh Ujwal, Jun 25, 2012.

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  1. the word "fired" is frequently used in wwe shows
    what is meaning of that word?
  2. Fired would mean that John has been asked to leave his job.
    WWE being a scripted show makes it mean that he is just fired on stage. His roles within the company are still real.
  3. It means we'll see him worm his way up to board of directors and appear on RAW probably tonight or next week.
  4. fired means he has to leave the wwe company or wwe manager post?
  5. The WWE manager post.... That's pretty much what Stopspot was saying. He will still be with the WWE company, but not as a manager.
  6. And what will Laurantis be doing in real life for WWE? Because he's been removed from being the EVP of Talent Relations.
  7. I believe he is a booker. But we all know we will see him back on TV soon.
  8. Yeah, he's even on the cards for upcoming Raw shows, etc. Not like he's going anywhere, but I'm not certain yet just what he'll be doing in real life for the company.
  9. Yeah they announced that they "unfired" him an are making him appear on the overseas tour as well

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