John Morrison & Melina going to TNA?

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  2. Nice, if they get used right. Would love to see them in a heel way again. Nitro & Melina were awesome. The LA macho attitude, the fur, all. I'd say yes..
  3. This for them in TNA, please..

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  4. The X Division and the Knockouts just got a huge boost. This is nothing but good news for TNA.

    We really get to see what Jo-Mo can do now. He was a great worker in 2009, and a all-style little-substance clown in 2011. I don't know why that happened, but it did. It'll be interesting how he does in the X-Division.

    It'll also be interesting how well Melina fits into those skimpy TNA outfits. :gusta:
  5. John would be a huge boost for the X-division and TNA in general. If Austin eventually goes up into the main event I could easily see John take over as champ and face of the division.

    Melina will be a good knockouts addition. Both talentvice and viewing pleasurevice :gusta:
  6. If there's no way for Morrison to return to WWE then I would love to see this.
  7. Yes sir. I've been saying for a long while now it would be tough for anyone TNA has to take the belt off of Aries after his awesome run, but a newly acquired heel Morrison would fit the bill nicely.
  8. If John's heel then sure.
  9. Just think of all the impact stars Melina can have sex with!!

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  10. :lol1:
  11. They better be booking him as Johnny Nitro..
  12. He might as well. Morrison showed he has some charisma and could be entertaining (outside the ring) with that battle rap about HHH/Taker a few months back. That was more entertaining than any promo he ever cut in the WWE. I'd like to see some of that in TNA (not the battle rap per se, just Morrison being entertaining as both a character and in-ring talent.)
  13. As a heel he cuts 3/10 promos. As a face he cuts -10/10 promos. So let's put him as a heel.
  14. Let's just keep him away from the mic
  15. Wouldn't whole glamorous LA gimmick collide being in TNA? :dawg:
  16. :dafuq:

    Why would it?
  17. There Dumb Ass If That Do! Tna Will Be Out Of Buildness In 1 Year!
  18. Buildness. Nice.
  19. Call down Cenamark.

    Will they be out of the building cause they will start touring? Only time will tell Randy.
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