John Mulaney

Discussion in 'Gaming & Media' started by Dolph'sZiggler, Feb 15, 2014.

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  1. anyone else think this dude is hilarious? I've only seen one set from him but it is money.

  2. Clicked play 'cuz I have nothing better to do. Better be funny, fagget.
  3. You have dreadful taste so you'll surely hate it .

    Here watch this Jeselnik stand up instead, more up your ally

  4. when I say watch, I of course mean listen
  5. Already like midway through with John's stand up. Pretty silly, I like it. Been giggling
  6. Guy is kinda awkward, but from what I've seen, I enjoy his stand-up.
  7. He has great timing and presentation. Definitely lighthearted, but he is just fun. Sort of reminds me of Fallon a bit.

    Giggling, as gay as it is and as much as I make fun of @Crayo for giggling, is a perfect way to describe it. Not many super LOL moments, but just nonstop enjoyment
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  9. Yeah, I can agree with that. Honestly haven't stopped smiling/giggling since it started, which is definitely a good thing. His delivery is perfect lol.
  10. Want to watch this stoned now
  11. For those of you who know who John Mulaney is I salute you :emoji_wink:
    He currently has a pretty funny stand-up called "John Mulaney New In Town" on Netflix which I recommend.

    It looks like FOX has a show planned for him and a trailer made out..

    The stand-up parts so far look the funniest but I will probably watch it simply because I am a fan of Mulaney.
    If you're not quite sure who he is some casting credits include: Most recently George St. Geegland in Too Much Tuna skits for The Kroll Show, SNL (2009-2010), Ugly Americans, Important Things with Dmitri Martin (Actor and Co-writer).


  12. I dig Mulaney's stand up set but that show looks wack lol. Comedians getting sitcoms generally doesn't end well
  13. Yeah I'll admit it looks pretty weird; it's got Martin Short in it and supposedly it's somewhat related to his rise as a stand-up comedian but I think they will try and replicate some Seinfeld type shit and I'm not sure that's going to fly or succeed anywhere close to what that show was.
  14. It has all the makings of a show that gets cancelled during the middle of S1 lol.

    I do want another stand up special from him though. God, sitcoms are a shitty double edge sword. Here, watch this shitty show while I DONT put out new stand up material
  15. True that;

    Yeah it's been 2 years almost since his last one..

    I missed the chance twice now over the last two and a half years to see a show of his and just completely miss the opportunity; if he comes around again I won't miss.

    I'd rather see him then the Kevin James show I'm going to here in like August, but idk Kevin James might be pretty funny, haven't really seen any stand-up from him.
  16. Been a few months since I've gone to a comedy show. Nothing I see will top Bill Burr or especially Patrice though. Patrice is a fucking god
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  17. RIP Patrice :emoji_slight_frown:
    Last show I went to was I'm pretty sure Kevin Nealon back in November I wanna say.

    Doug Benson will be here like the first week in June; still debating on whether or not to go.. Tickets are only $15 or $20 I believe.
  18. Not a fan of Benson but I don't remember seeing his stand up either. Just remember him from when I watched VH1 as a kid and Super High Me.

    Nealon is cool as fuck though
  19. Yeah have only seemed Super High Me and a few other miscellaneous things of his but never really much stand-up, pretty much my main reason being hesitant to go; I might just have to watch a set on youtube or something and make the call after that.

    Yeah my sister and brother in law got to meet him (Nealon) after the show for a few minutes.. I unfortunately chose that time to take a shit.. bummmmmerrr I spose.
  20. I'm not really into busy meet and greets after shows. I did it for Burr, did the typical stand in line to take a picture and shake his hand. He was nice and everything but it was just a giant mob of people all wanting to talk to him so it was nothing life changing.

    My favorite thing to do is hang around at the bar after shows and talk to comics who I find funny but aren't really well known so they aren't being bothered. That is a blast to just shoot the shit, drink, hang out and smoke with comics.
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