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    Johnathon Grimms' WWEForum Twitter account by @[Lacky]

    You will find out unofficial status updates from Lacky. This is not the official Twitter account and the official one can be found by clicking here




  2. @IAmLacky

  3. @IAmLacky

    @FedXKing: Loving the new design. #LackyDaVinci
  4. @IAmLacky

    @TheSmasher: Have we met? I don't think we have so I dropped in to say hi.
  5. @IAmLacky

    @IamLacky : Thanks @FedXKing:, I do try my best, just like in the ring.

    @IamLacky : @TheSmasher, I don't think I've had the honour of meeting you! Nice to meet you.
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    @IamLacky: Been informed next week I'll be competing in a tag-team match on TNT! #BringItOn #BritishElite
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    @IamLacky: I was thinking to myself, "How come I've been in the gym so long?" and then it came to me...
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    Pleasure, Whilst working. I like it. #Lacky4Champ
  8. @IAmLacky

    @FedXKing 1st Follower #Lacky4Champ
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    @IamLacky: Another Tweet from your favourite new superstar, I've finished up at the GYM, and now I'm out for a meal, with some ladies. P.S #Lacky4Champ
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    @IamLacky: Been working hard, and socializing with the ladies today, I'm sure it will be the same tomorrow in the lead up to next weeks Warzone. Where I'm sure i'll appear :emoji_wink: #Lacky4Champ
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    @AngelFromAbove: I just received a text from my friend Scarlette that she met someone awesome and hot today. I presume it's you @IamLacky. :emoji_wink:)
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    @IamLacky In reply to @AngelFromAbove: If she was the hot girl, I was talking to backstage I need to get my hands on her digits!
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    @AngelFromAbove:I'm sure you will, @IamLacky! She likes you very much, that she's making a Twitter just for you! She's a new Siren, so be nice! :emoji_kissing_heart:* Here's a picture if you want. :emoji_wink:) http://tinyurl.com/PictureOfScarlette

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    @IamLacky In reply to @AngelFromAbove : Yeah, she's the one, she's actually very funny which I didn't expect, and what do you mean "Be Nice"? I can be nice... :otunga:


    @IamLacky : Just had a camera shoved down my throat for a Interview hopefully some authority will show people how to do their jobs back here.
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    @AngelFromAbove: @IamLacky You're nice? :OO :haha:
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    @AngelFromAbove: ]@IamLacky Says by the one who snobbed at me at his first night. Oh wait. I was a total bitch back then.
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