Johnny Ace returning to TV

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Jul 22, 2012.

  2. God damn it, I hate him so much, Why bring him back? What angle have they got in store exactly?
  3. I will start to enjoy him again as long as he's not dominating air time again.
  4. Ace is the boss, get out haters :ace:
  5. Needs something fresh, the people power shit was good but he needs to add more to it.
  6. F*** YES! BIG JOHNNY IS COMING BACK BABY! Can't wait, what a legend he was.
  7. :grin: "I'l be back!!"
  8. Prolly as a heel manager and having a stable

  9. I think I will be able to bear him on my TV if he isn't in nearly every Segment/Promo like when he was GM.
  10. It's fun to see him botch, but I want to see how he'll be brought back, depending on how it is it doesn't really make sense. Possibly feuding with the new GM.
  11. I hope he dont help big show
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