Johnny Ace to announce tomorrow...?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Jun 17, 2012.

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  1. That he's the assistant to the board of directors or something? I can't see this being the end of him that easily tbh, especially as he's not a WWE talent travelling on shows with them and is advertised for local events (card subject to change ofc).
  2. Hopefully he does something, him going out with a wimper whilst HHH wanks over running the show again would suck balls. Heyman would be the ideal choice however.
  3. Oh god, Heyman as GM... :fap:
  4. Teddy for gm
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  5. Vince as GM. Then he goes back to his backstage role and wrestling goes back to being about, you know, wrestling.

    They already had the payoff for Ace's alleged "reign of tyranny", so what's the point of keeping him around?
  6. Make Paul Heyman the GM, he could bring out the young talented people more
  7. Paul Heyman could make TNA bigger than WWE if he was put in-charge.
  8. TNA should be bigger right now seeing as TNA is more interesting then WWE...
  9. It would be. Heyman was put in-charge of TNA and said to fire all the old guys. The owner of TNA didn't want that so he fired Heyman instead. :burns:
  10. Hell no, the people who made that decision need to:
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  11. This. I think Teddy was a great GM and came up with that epic match on Smackdown.
  13. No Axl Rose should be GM, look at the way he calmly handles this fan:
  14. Ace isn't going anywhere, probably. But if he does (and I hope he does, I'm already tired of him), the last thing I want to see is Teddy Long or Vince McMahon on TV regularly. Or Stephanie McMahon for that matter.

    I'm tired of GM characters in general. Just get rid of them. There hardly ever used to be a GM character on the show unless they came on to rule on important matters (like Vince is doing right now), so why not go back to that.
  15. I don't want to see Teddy Long become the General Manager of RAW, this is going to be boring. I want to see Johnny, he's the guy that made RAW so interesting. This is just going to be a long process that's going to end up as Johnny as a RAW GM and Teddy as the SmackDown GM.
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