Johnny Curtis and Maxine uses chloroform to knock out Matt Striker

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Big Hoss Rambler, Mar 24, 2012.

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    Lol, poor Matt Striker. :laugh:
  2. Maxine is gorgeous. I'm a fan of Johnny tbh.
  3. No you aren't liar.
  4. Shut up bitch.
  5. Johnny in a backstage segment is fine, he's hilarious in this "intentional yet unintentional comedy relief creepy guy heel" role. But this guy sucks in the ring, he's Robbie E minus the few things Robbie E does well.

    Weird to see so much NXT love on this site lately... Must be catching on that it's the best wrestling show out there right now, by a massive margin.
  6. How ironic that rookies are putting on more/better matches than RAW/SmackDown.
  7. On-topic: Later on, there was a segment where Maxine wanted Curtis to check on Striker, yelling "Did you kill him?" Curtis just looked over and said "Wanna make out?" It was hilarious. Someone took the body and left a note. Bateman and Kaitlyn denied it.


    Reply to Anxiety: There are a bunch of reasons why. The lack of real card structure so nobody can be elevated/buried so you can't smartmark the show to death, they know nobody cares about the show so there's no point in marketing anything or plugging Twitter, so the commentary is much better by default, there's no title so the writers actually have to do their jobs for a change...
  8. That striker story-line is what should be happening in the mid-card on RAW. Stuff like that, don't need a title to have good story-lines.
  9. No kidding, dear friend, no kidding.
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