Johnny Gargano - How to grow so much in a relative short time

Discussion in 'International Wrestling' started by Stopspot, Mar 13, 2013.

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    Now this is a subject I will like to discuss. My current favorite wrestler, Ohio's own Johnny Gargano. Gargano is the American indy circuits fastest rising stars. Having gone through a major growth spurt as a wrestler and a person in the last 3 years.

    Gargano mostly wrestled for local Ohio promotions and Chikara leading up to 2010, when he signed on for Evolve and DGUSA. Appearing in mostly dark matches at the start of his run with Evolve. Gargano has since then broken into the Sapolsky run promotion(s) and taken it by storm. in late 2010/early 2011 Gargano banded together with Chikara cohort Chuck Taylor and up and comer Rich Swann, turning face and forming the group known as Ronin. Ronin would become a staple of the DGUSA mid card, competing in feuds with main heel stable at the time Blood Warriors as well as the Dirty Ugly Fucks. It was here that Gargano's potential started to break through. Gargano and Ronin challenged for the tag team belts but both Gargano and Taylor were also in the running for DGUSA's ultimate price, the Open the Freedom Gate title. When Taylor failed in his match Gargano went up against the champion at the time, Yamato and actually managed to dethrone one of Dragon Gate Japan's big stars, becoming the first American champion in the process. Gargano has since then become a fighting champion for DGUSA and Evolve. Taking on challengers like his old friend turned enemy Taylor, Jon Davis, Sami Callihan, Ricochet, Cima, Akira Tozawa and more. Gargano has now held the belt for more than a year and is continuing to grow as the face of the company.

    Gargano has become a much better wrestler since stepping up to the plate. He might never be called best in the world but he is a very well put together guy in the ring. Always having good matches (even one were he got injured 3 minutes in and couldn't feel his legs at Evolve 10 was okay). Much of this can be credited to his mentoring and training from mentor and close friend Alex Shelley (they even call each other brothers). He has also grown leaps and bounds as a speaker and presence. The cocky and comical midcard heel has in 3 years become the confident, believable and charismatic champion. something that in my eyes is pretty beautiful to see. Gargano's stock on the indy scene has grown as well, declining a WWE contract to stay with DGUSA for two more years in 2012, touring Japan with the Japanese roster and making his debut in PWG soon as well. Gargano's growth in 3 years is quite impressive in my opinion. Thus why he is one of my fav wrestlers, his insane hunger for work and work ethic, way to work in the ring (lucha and puro based style), style on the mic and constant will to improve are all pluses in his hat that makes me think that Gargano will one day be a star.

    What are your opinions on the whole shebang?
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