Johnny Nitro vs CM Punk ECW Championship at Vengeance 2007

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Jose Tortilla, Jul 22, 2012.

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  1. [video=youtube][/video]

    Good match, weird ending.

    Supposed to be Punk vs Benoit, weird day.
  2. Shame we never got Benoit/Punk. Supposedly, Benoit was gonna win the ECW World Title that night.
  3. He was booked to win it. Mustve been weird the next day to hear the news..

    I think they gave Nitro the title to continue the storyline with Nitro replacing Benoit..
  4. Despite the Benoit stuff, Nitro was a good replacement to have feud with Punk. At the time CM Punk was crawling his way to the top, while Johnny had the match handed to him, and he played the heel part well by being arrogant, and changing everything about him after he won on the next ECW match.
  5. Benoit Punk would've been a fantastic match. This was the match where there was the 'We want Benoit' chants am I right in saying?

    Punk/Nitro had great chemistry I thought, had a few really good matches IIRC.
  6. There were 'We want Benoit' chants indeed, during the whole match. Pretty awkward when you're preforming.

    Punk and Nitro did alot of matches, pretty good matches imo.
  7. Must've been really akward, especially thinking what Benoit might've been doing at that point. Really scary.

    Definitely, infact the Punk fued and the Hardy fued you posted earlier were his two best ones outside of MNM IMO.
  8. good match
  9. Agreed. All respect to Mercury, but Nitro was better without him. Too bad he wasn't really flying over the place. That's what's bugging me sometimes..
  10. I would of loved to have seen Benoit vs Punk! It would have been a great technical wrestling match. Shame Benoit had to do what he did though. John Morrison was a good replacement though, That was a great match!
  11. He REALLY did not replacing Benoit as Nitro was a heel and Benoit was a face. but yet good match though.
  12. They couldn't contact Benoit. So Nitro was his replacement.

    It didn't matter that Benoit and Punk were faces. Same as HHH vs Taker, who were faces aswell at WM.
  13. That not what I said. I said replace the roll Benoit was in Benoit was a face not a heel Nito was a Hell not a face that was I mean.
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