Johnny Troll

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Feb 5, 2012.

  1. Favorite man on RAW. Johhny Ace for Permanent Raw GM. If not, Erich Bischoff should make a return.
  2. Eric, ewww.
  3. lol thanks for posting. Johnny Ace > everyone else
  4. So glad he's there still. Trolling war: Ace vs Jeritroll. Fantasy-booking.
  5. Eric Bischoff was a good GM.
  6. We need Boogeyman to be RAW's new GM. Just saying.
  7. Tajiri as GM.
  8. We need Funaki as the RAW General Manager.
  9. Santino.
  10. Dude, Funaki has some mad skillz on the mic.

  11. Santino would make an amazing GM, can you imagine all the ridiculous things he'd pull?
  12. Lmao I'd probably laugh, but in all seriousness I'd want Regal as the GM.
  13. Eric Bishoff /fosho
  14. Regal? That English prick?

  15. [​IMG]
  16. :fire:
  17. [​IMG]
  18. You guys are turds. I hope Mr Excitement is the GM for the next 10 years