Kayfabe Jokes?

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  1. Start from 0:13
    *Ben Song appears from the curtain onto the stage area. He has a mic in his hand and is scratching his head with the other, He begins to walk to the ring and gestures for his music to stop*
    Ben Song: Bonjour. I'm out here to talk about some seriously unfunny dudes. Bigby Wolf, and Vinnie Jones jr. Now let me get one thing across before I go on a mad one. The Webmaster accepted my Summerslam challenge, but I'm still looking for a partner. Basically because I want to make it special for you guys. My fans. But anyway now the mushy shits out the way let's talk about the buffoons, I think everyone's calling each other different animals so yea, I'm fighting this week.
    *Ben Song gets into the ring and does his signature hats off taunt to the crowd*
    Ben Song: First, let's talk about Ellis
    *Ben Song points at the tiantron and a picture of Vinnie Jones pops up on the screen*
    Ben Song: Now Jones is new around here having been gifted his career by Ty Creed the Ric Flair impersonator. Little is known about Vinnie other than his undying love for 'X-Men The Last Stand' but I think that's well enough to judge him and make sure he never gets to fight Bobby Blake for the title. And before I move on I must say Vinnie called me a wolf and himself a bear earlier which makes no sense due to the fact Jones is like 5 foot tall at best and I'm 6 foot 8 or somethin' but I digress lets move to the next smack 'ed.
    *The picture of Vinnie Jones fades out and is replaced by that of a hairy man*
    Ben Song: This is Wolfboy with his amazing ability to also have no information about you available for me to make jokes. But hey I'll go with what I'm given, Bigby is a very strange looking thing especially when you get him angry. So he's really a mixture of Bruce Banner and Bruce Jenner with some hair thrown in. But that's all I really have to say about these two. And so the end of my speech has arrived. Au revoir my people
    *Ben Song walks backstage as his theme song plays*
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