MMA Jon Jones Suspended and Title Stripped

Discussion in 'Sports' started by Lackin, Apr 29, 2015.

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  1. When I read about the hit and run accident it was obvious this was going to happen.
    It seams the only person that can ruin Jones's reputation is himself.
  2. . . . So interested to see how this plays out.. SHIT!!! Jon Jones is so dank to watch.. fuck! I wonder man.. shit this is the perfect time to let Rumble get his shot!
  3. Saddened by the news but the guy has to learn. This guy just doesn't know when to stop being an idiot. Your probably the greatest fighter of all time, seems like he's doing everything to prevent that from happening.

    With all that being said tho he's still my favorite fighter but can't deny the guy is an idiot lol.

    But all of these instances is jeopardizing his career and it'd be a shame if it were to end like this. I hope he gets all the help and support he needs.
  4. I wanted him to get his ass kicked in a fight, not by life, but either way, fuck Jon Jones.
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  5. I figured the UFC would try and find a way to protect him somehow, glad that they treated him like he was any other fighter- guy has to learn to stop being an asshole.
  6. Eh, he isn't any other fighter though. I wish they would have let the Rumble fight continue anyway, not like the UFC has any class/morals or reputation to uphold. Plus with all these distractions Jones would have gotten brutally KO'd, what better punishment for being the world's biggest piece of shit?
  7. The whole 'but he isn't any other fighter' bs is the reason why he pulls stupid crap- because he knew that people would play that card. I'm not denying that he isn't extremely talented at what he does, but why should that excuse his behaviour?

    And why should he be allowed to continue to fight right now? Sure I'd love nothing more than to see him get killed in the octagon, but that pretty much just excuses his behaviour again. Let's be honest, at worst he'll get fines, but no jail time. So they'll probably forgive him and let him back once the legal stuff is done.
  8. The UFC is a business and Jones = money. I disagree that the UFC being lenient is why he does stupid stuff. He would do it regardless. He is just a dumbass. He isn't going to "get his shit together". He is just genuinely a horrible human being. A person who makes mistakes doesn't act like a complete piece of shit. Jones did drugs, disobeyed traffic laws, smashed into a pregnant woman, injured her, and his first thought was "I gotta get the fuck out of here". His second thought was "oh fuck, forgot my money in my car"

    A lot of the time people who are great at certain things that garner them admiration are actually horrible horrible people. People want to tell me to boycott the Floyd Mayweather fight because he has a history of domestic violence. Guess what? I don't really care about Floyd outside of the ring, I admire him for his amazing boxing technique and will watch any time he fights. That doesn't mean I like him as a person or put him on a pedestal like most people do with celebrities. I simply recognize he is human and separate the man outside the ring from inside. Him being a piece of shit doesn't make watching him box any less spectacular.

    For Jones, why excuse his behavior? Because this is the UFC. People are always going to look at it as illegitimate and barbaric. They don't have a great reputation to begin with and letting Jones fight isn't going to lose them any reputation points. This is cage fighting. I don't really give a shit if the guys in the cage aren't gentlemen. They can be the worst people in the world but I'm just here to watch a fight, not have them teach children how to live their life.
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