Jon Stewart replies to Seth Rollins from RAW

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Trip in the Head, Feb 19, 2015.

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  1. Anybody else see this yet? How would you IWT'ers rate him? And does this mean we will see him at WrestleMania? @Bill Clinton

    Cue deep intimidate-y voice:
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  2. Rollins vs Stewart at WM 31 confirmed. Put MITB briefcase on the line, too.
  3. Lol I knew Jon Stewart quit his job for one reason.. to become a professional wrestler!
  4. Curb stomp incoming!

    Honestly, Jon Stewart would be the most relevant celebrity they've had on Raw in years (Hugh Jackman notwithstanding... they usually drag people out of the woodwork that either most people no longer care about, or that no one ever really cared much about in the first place.) and interacting with Seth would get Seth a lot of good publicity in the headlines, I'd hope. They tried a similar approach at garnering publicity with Jack Swagger/Zeb Coulter and Glenn Beck a couple of years ago, but unfortunately, Beck didn't bite. Good to see that Stewart is, though.
  5. I have absolutely no idea who this person is. I normally have heard the names of these celebrities before but this dude... no clue
  6. :ambrose:
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  7. Then Seth responded back to him.

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  8. That was awesome.

    No mention of the dick pic though. :okay:
  9. Wow really? I thought almost everybody has heard of Jon Stewart not even in just America but a lot of other countries too.
  10. Well, I do have a tendency to kinda live under a rock. :dawg:
  11. Not really. Stewart isn't really known well in south america, at least. We are more aware of hollywood comedians, like Jim Carrey, for instance. It's unusual for people here who don't activly search for comedy to hear about these names.
  12. This is so awesome! As soon as I heard his name mentioned Monday I thought it was too bad that the Daily Show was on reruns because I waned a response. You knew he was watching it as he's a huge fan. Very pleased to see he responded anyway. I'll be very sad to see Jon leave later this year. He's been part of my weeknight lineup for around 15 years now.
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  13. Jon's kids are huge fans, he does this for them. That's a good dad.
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