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  1. Crayo: "Spurs are apparently going to get David Villa."

    Jonafat: "Ha, why would they want him?

    Crayo: "... wtf?"

    Jonafat: "He's shite."

    Crayo: "You don't watch La Liga, so how do you know he's shite?

    Jonafat: "Yeah but I've seen plenty of David Villa."

    Crayo: "How? If you don't watch La Liga, how?"

    Jonafat: "Oh shut up, anything I say you're going to just shoot down"

    Crayo: "You're retarded."

    ... wtf? Was this dude dropped on his head as a kid?

    Anyway, what do you think of Villa joining Spurs? They're desperately in need of a striker who can finish, and Villa can definitely do that.
  2. I don't appreciate my private conversations being shared on a public forum. I'd request you delete this thread or my opinions from it, but you won't do that, will you.
  3. Shut up Jonathan
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  4. Who the fuck asked you to interject? Go fuck yourself.

    I was expecting this to be a terrible thread Jonathern made for himself, but apparently you created the garbage hashtag shit. Pitiful crayo :pity:
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  5. That Crayo guy sounds like an obnoxious douche.
  6. Also he's said he wants to stick in Spain hasn't he?
  7. omg just stfu and go away. It's Jonathan*

    Not sure. Don't see why he'd play for a team where he's a substitute for a position he doesn't want to play, after they have just signed Neymar who is going to play in that position, lol. I don't see many top Spanish teams bidding for him either, so I think he's BPL bound imo. Liverpool or Spurs.
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  8. Is it not a discussion regarding Villa's transfer? Why would it go in the locker room?
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  9. Go away Aids. This is a sports-related thread in the sports section; you're once again making yourself look really stupid.
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  11. I'd welcome Villa to Spurs. We need a striker who can score so we don't become as dependable on Bale. Because with the season he had there's no telling how long he will stick around or if we will have him come next season.
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