Jonny ace Fate

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Victoria Justice, Feb 7, 2012.

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  1. He was not fired

  2. Interesting. I'm glad that he's still the GM.
  3. I wanted him gone but hhh is still The boos so im not worried unless keving nash takes him out again lol
  4. Best news I've heard in a while!
  5. HHH Should have just suspendid him i would have been ok with that
  6. A lot of people wouldn't of been alright with that, to be honest.
  7. I can't see the video, hope it gets uploaded to YouTube or something.
  8. Awesome news i was just starting to like him he is indeed very creative.
  9. I wish he was gone :emoji_slight_frown:
  10. I'm glad he's staying slowly becoming something I look forward to on RAW each week!

  11. Vintage Punk.... Fuck it, I need a new gimmick.
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  12. Fire Johnny Ace. Okay, but it's either HHH or....

    ....Excuuuuuse meeeee.......

    Let's face it. She's got a job for life
  13. No way, don't fire Ace!
  14. Heck, I don't Ace fired.

    I'm the guy who liked Bret Hart and Lance Storm on the mic

    ... but I'm certainly done with 'Escuuuse me'
  15. can't stand Johnny Ace. This dude has always been a screw up. As a creative writer he was the one who came up with the bump that caused Sid to snap his leg in WCW. Made promises to numerous wrestlers and fired them. Just ask Spike Dudley. And still tries to get out of the shadow of his brother...Then again this would be a good set up for a post WrestleMania feud between the McMahons and the Board of Directors....
  16. Just goes to show how uninteresting it was. They didn't even bother to make a big deal of it on RAW. That's an on-screen authority figure we're talking about here & still didn't see the light of day.
  17. Yeah I've heard he was a douche in real life, mostly from CM Punk lol. But hey, he's entertaining on TV for quite a lot of people - his gimmick is priceless.

    To be fair it should of been on RAW near the main event. Just shows how bad RAW was this week.
  18. Behind the scenes he may be a douche but as far as our WWE entertainment value goes Ace is currently gold and they should have made a big deal of him keeping his job! Plus is not alot of behind the scenes info released for our benefit anyway?
  19. GOD DAM IT WWE PLEASE FIRE HIM! We want Eric B. of back he could did better than this joker CLOWN!
  20. IMO, this whole CM Punk/John L. Feud is really annoying now

    Hopefully next week they cut to the chase with John admitting that he rehired Chris Jericho to destroy Punk.
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