Movies Jordan Vogt-Roberts Attempting MGS movie

Discussion in 'Gaming & Media' started by Solid Snake, Aug 21, 2017.

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  1. Jordan Vogt-Roberts has briefly described the script for his highly-anticipated Metal Gear Solid movie. The filmmaker had initially signed on to direct the long-awaited adaptation of Hideo Kojima’s iconic Metal Gear video game series back in 2014, but the project failed to take off right away. Shortly after signing on, Vogt-Roberts had boarded Warner Bros.’ Kong: Skull Island, which released earlier this year, and that film’s success had given him enough clout to leverage Sony Pictures to back his idea for Metal Gear Solid. Now, things are finally starting to move forward.

    Vogt-Roberts is a self-professed Kojima fan, and he has made it quite clear that he truly loves the Metal Gear games. That’s why he and screenwriter Jay Basu have been strenuously working to produce the best possible script for years, making sure to get the story right before entering production. Although not much has been known about the film, aside from the key creatives involved, we now know the type of film that they have in mind.

  2. It will be made, and it will be bad, and we'll all hate the fact it was made.

    This is the law of movies based on videogames, and the law shall prevail!
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  4. Could he like, not?
  5. Based on his last movie... I just...