Jose Mourinho press conference on SSN now

Discussion in 'Sports' started by Rysenberg, Jun 10, 2013.

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  1. Anyone else watching? Sky are creaming themselves over the whole thing on Twitter, so I thought I might as well watch.
  2. The downside is you'll have to listen to Tony Cascarino talk pish until he comes on.
  3. The Man Utd fans didn't connect with Fergie the way Mourinho has with Chelsea - really Cascarino? FUCKING IDIOT
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  4. What an absolute fucking moron. Jesus. How is he employed?

    Anyway, missed this, will catch up on it later.
  5. It'll be repeated on SSN for the next 33944 hours so I doubt you'll miss it.
  6. Such a shame there is no Fergie for the Special Ones return. For me it takes the edge off.
  7. And rightfully so. Mourinho back in the BPL is great, plus they have hardly any football news to report lol.
  8. It should be all about hibs
  9. It should be, finally somebody else knows what's good for business :bury:
  10. Who've they jobbed to this week anyway? The Cornwall girls under 12s?
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