Jose Tortilla presents: Discuss Life/Problems starring Jose Tortilla

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Jose Tortilla, Jun 21, 2012.

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  1. Title says all.

    A new original way, to discuss life, ask questions, get to know the whole thing about life.

    If things are too private, PM.

    This is a serious thread.

  2. Serious problem here - I really don't want to continue being a scholar - my parents can afford college, but they wanted to "spice up my CV" and stuff. What should I do? How can I tell them?

    Thanks Jose!
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  3. Well, education is a serious thing. You can leave school now, but jobs nowadays are hard to get. Every company wishes to have an employee with a good filled CV.

    So picture this. You quit school in 3 weeks, you'll find a job that you like in 1 year.
    But the company wants a schooled employee. So, you have to go to school again!
    I really don't know if that's the thing you want, because once you leave school, it's a hard way to get back into that vibe of learning.

    If you are 100% sure about your decision, have a sit-down with your parents and discuss the subjects you want to talk about.

    But remember, you said: 'my parents can afford college'. Some people can't say that. So think about your decision a few times. I mean, a good job means a good salary and a good salary means a well life. Plus, a good salary and job can promise good things for your future children.

    I know it's a far ahead thought, but it's still a thing you need to think about already.

    I hope I gave you enough answers to your questions. If you have more, feel free to speak.
  4. I mean, come on, they only wanted the scholarship to "have an edge with other graduates" and stuff. I'm not leaving school and everything. it's just too stressful. With me being a student council, president of the class, and leaders of final course outputs, I don't have time for relax. I'm stressed. The forums help me relaxed and stuff, but once 7:00 am hits, it's on again. I know education's important. I just don't want to be stressed anymore.

    I told them once, but they told me I can do it, because I did a 95% for the entrance exam, which gave me the automatic scholarship status.


    I life far away from home, hence I have a dorm. My homesickness mixes with my stress. I miss my friends who keeps on having gatherings WITHOUT ME. I have friends here, sure, but I always need to be serious, because apparently, I'm a role model to everyone.

    Long story short: I know I can't leave the course, because my parents won't fund my college if I took up Journalism. If I continue being a scholar, I'll be INSANE due to homesickness, stress, and always being the role model.

    Thanks really, Jose. Are you taking psychology or something?
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  5. I understand your struggles and troubles. But look at it on a positive note: You are doing good at school with being class president, and being a role model is a fantastic thing aswell.

    So try to think like me. I've picked this up a while ago when times weren't as bright.

    ''How can this be happening.''
    ''I don't want to do this any longer.''
    ''I'll quit everything I'm doing.''
    ''I'm outta here asap.''

    Just a few examples. But now comes the trick: How can I turn this situation into a positive vibe?

    ''This happens. Let me think about it. Do I know someone with the same problem? Can I talk to that person to solve it? Can I turn this thing around to undo the bad things?''

    ''If I will continue this, I can improve, finish and get really good at this thing that is bothering me.''

    ''Am I willing to quit? Do I want to give this chance I have up? Hey, maybe if I do it like this it will work out!''

    ''If I'll stay, I can help others and myself. The problem here can be fixed by doing this or that.''

    Just answers to the quotes above.
    Think about it, try it and expand it to further problems who are happening to you.

    And no, I'm not taking psychology. :emoji_slight_smile:
    I'm just a simple salesman in an electronics store. :emoji_wink:
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  6. Thanks, helped me calm down a bit. You cool, cool man.

    Ask Crayo to make an "Adviser" award! :emoji_slight_smile:)
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  7. No problem. I hope people can put their problems in their thread to see if I can help them to solve their problems.

  8. You're giving advice on how to suck? This topic turned gay within two sentences.
  9. Please explain your comment, Johnson. How do I tell people to suck?
    How is it gay to see life in a positive way?
  10. Jose Tortilla presents: Discuss Life/Problems starring Jose Tortilla
    Title says all.

    A new original way, to discuss life, ask advice on how to suck, get to know the whole thing about life.

    After discussing life.
  11. I think it's time for you to leave this thread behind, post about wrestling and minding your own business. If you're not interested. Please do not visit this thread.
  12. Sorry buddy it was just a joke from reading your topic. Ill put my dick/balls between my legs and head back to the other ask threads :emoji_slight_frown:
  13. While doing that, let someone slap you on them. If you know what I mean.

  14. :okay:


    On-topic again..
  15. Jose - the true VP of TALENT RELATIONS. This is how it should be done. Kudos. :boss:
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