Jose Tortilla presents: Expectations for Randy Orton's return

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Jose Tortilla, Jun 4, 2012.

  1. This theme.

    Being bigger than now. So a few pounds added.


    Some sweet colored trunks.




    Massive heel run.


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  2. How he is really gonna come out: [​IMG]
  3. Seriously guys... :kobe:
  4. I doubt they'll bring back the music, and he'll feel a slight humiliation from being suspended, so he is gonna be training even harder so I doubt he'll have those extra pounds, as for being a heel, I could see that happening again. He will be so angry that the WWE universe never called out for him or anything he will cuss out the fans or something and then start beating up the superstars who joked about him or didn't have his back. He'll become a true viper again by one by one destroying people and sending them out with an injury, and then going after their family for to make it more creepy. Then he'll try to get the world title, and maybe even start another stable with the people who had his back, and talked to him and stuff while he was suspended. either that or this as a face:
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  5. I would already mark for the orange trunks, lol.
  6. He'll come back just like he was before the suspension and randomly beat someone in his return match. :angle:
  7. Randy Orton is gonna job to every talent when he gets back why should he be pushed right back to the top after failing a wellness test
  8. Uh huh. I would like to see that. But, it won't happen. Impossible.
  9. The bodyyy :yay:

    Old buffer shape > current lean/skinny shape.

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  12. Was busy that time, sorry.

    I agree with you, I mean, Heel Orton made me a wrestling fan, and I would like to have that back. But, the old, buffer shape doesn't fit him, maybe more muscles? The 2005 Orton looks like he just drank a million beer cans.
  13. True, but he's so skinny now. He doesn't look like he can pick guys up. He did when he was more buff.
  14. I agree to that too. I mean, he doesn't look like a wrestler in his present body (hohoho, he's a ghost. :haha:), he can pass easily as a model or something.
  15. Agreed, but I think the tattoos are a problem.
  16. His legs aren't exactly "model" material....
  17. It's pretty much acceptable in the model industry now. :pity:



    That's his problem- the legs. They're pretty huge.

  18. This song makes me very nostalgic
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