Jose Tortilla's ''Once In A Lifetime'' Raw Review

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Jose Tortilla, Apr 9, 2013.

  1. Ladies and Gentlemen, a very warm welcome from The Netherlands.

    This is your captain Jose speaking.

    I'd like to open this review with the very words:



    It got a little spoiled for me this morning :pity: But what the heck.

    And oh yes, it is about damn time the man got what he deserved.
    That what happened over there was more than real.
    Emotion, passion, hard work and all of that went on the line for such a long time after being held back for too long.

    It may sound weird, but I had some watery eyes at the moment when it happened. Dude had so much emotion coming over from himself.

    Maybe it was the right time to build it up to a maximum of pressure.
    Maybe is was better for him to get it at a point where some gave up on the cash-in.

    But finally it happened. To be honest, how it happened on RAW was way better than at Wrestlemania itself.
    It would've been big, but now that it happened on RAW, the spotlight was on him only.

    Even during ADR and Swaggers match there were chants of ''We want Ziggler''. Absolutely epic.

    Let's move on to Langston's RAW debut.

    Good match. Dude's strong as fuck, has a great shape and can deliver a match. Bryan worked really well with him, I must say.

    Fandango vs Kofi. Weird random match imo, but that's usual with a rising star vs dropped talent.

    Didn't really expect Y2J to come out. Thought it would be your random squash.

    Great battle, Y2J kicked his ass very well, and very well sold by Faaaan-Daaaan-Goooooo..

    Mixed tag match. Really a big downer on them to be scrapped for WM.
    To be honest, I see good potential in the Funk team. But even more in Cameron and Naomi. They delivered an awesome match a few weeks back which should keep the majority exited for more tag-matches.

    Shield and Taker segment didn't really do much for me because no shit happened really. Cool they had the chance to come out when Taker was in the ring which is a sort of ''push'' for them to interrupt a Legend on a level of Taker's.

    Miz vs Barrett was imo a great match. Good spots, well preformed as well.

    Glad Barrett got his title back because Miz sucks even more as a face.

    Haters gonna hate..:pity2:

    Orton vs Sheamus was a very good match as well. Kick ass crowd but I'll come back to that later on.

    Dudes played it very well with good spots and Sheamus was kind of generous with his selling and spot calling to Orton.

    Show coming out was the sort of icing on the cake to be fair.
    He delivered a well done beating to Orton which looked sharp as fuck and the crowd went really well with it.

    Cena vs Henry.

    What can I say.. Short match is short. Glad there was a reason behind it.

    Henry as WWE Champ? I'd love to see it but we're still talking WWE if you know what I mean.

    Cool to see Ryback went off a sort of Superman statue and turned heel against Cena. I hope it'll be a good feud with ol' 'Back as a super heel destroying Cena good and hopefully pick up the belt if possible.

    I could see a nice reign coming from some good storylines.

    Then....... This New Jersey's crowd.

    INSANE to describe it in one word. The chants, the songs, epic..

    Too bad it isn't possible, but I'd love to see WWE in New Jersey with this crowd every week.


    Thank you for this great episode of Monday Night RAW.
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  2. New Jersey crowd?
  3. :pity2:

    This weeks crowd was insane compared to other crowds bro.

    They were amazing.

    Cheering for the bad guys, booing the good guys.

    Cool thing to see them switch it around once..
  4. It wasn't only New Jersey bro. It was people from all over the world.
  5. That's why it says: ''THIS New Jersey crowd'' BRO.


    Step aside from that last line.. It's about the full package..
  6. :isee: :okay:
    Lets restart this conversation...


  8. :yes: it's about damn time !
  9. Nice review. But I can't comment on that because due to the crowd haha
  10. No problem, man. My pure enthusiasm.

    Thanks for reading.
  11. Oops, came out wrong. I meant I couldn't comment on Orton/Sheamus match quality because the crowd distracted me.
  12. Haha I understand, they were distracted as well! :dawg:
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