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  1. What did you think of the Morgan/Park segment last night? Park's facial expressions are so incredible. I loved it when he said the wrong sports team and somehow recovered so admirably. The snot rocket was hilarious too.

    Park needs to be the underdog and pairing him up against Morgan was gold imo, but if you have seen next weeks spoilers, would you say there is any long term plan between the two? I won't spoil it here, and if you haven't seen next weeks spoilers just reply with how dope Park is and what you think about his pairing with Morgan.
  2. I read the spoilers so I'll put those in here, don't open this bit Testify or other none spoiler fags

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    Morgan went over him in an unspectacular fashion if I remember rightly so they could be running a Joeseph builds himself up Rocky style before eventually getting the win over Matt. This could build up both guys if it's booked well Morgan will draw heat if dominating Park until the big Slammy match where Joeseph marks his resurgent match with the big win. I don't want them to be feuding much beyond that however just because Park needs a lotta build still and Matt should be above this
  3. Loved Park this week (as always), ignoring expectations for Morgan (not that I have many but I understand some people do) this is a perfect match up.
  4. Well I'm at quite a disadvantage since I haven't read spoilers. I loved the segment as I dig both guys, but I wasn't sure about having a match. I thought Morgan just as easily could have laid him out and said "My time is now" since he had already clowned him, but the match... idk. I guess Park losing quickly to a veteran like Morgan doesn't really ruin his storyline or make him look bad, because he is "just now training to become a wrestler"
  5. I like them both, but I really hope Morgan brushes him aside and moves on to the next victim.
  6. It makes sense for both parties, so anything besides this will disappoint me a great deal. As I said before, getting destroyed by Morgan doesn't really hurt Park's momentum at all considering his storylne. If anything it is needed for his storyline. Because in these coming up stories there always has to be that big badass that knocks you off your high horse.
  7. Exactly. Park beating Morgan though, now that would be bad. 7ft tank loses to overweight noob, they just can't do that. I think Morgan is getting a big push soon anyway so it probably won't.
  8. It'd depends how they book it in all honesty, say if Matt is caught by a small package leading to him flipping out and laying out Park it could be good for him. Joeseph gets the win which boosts him, Morgan only lost on an off shot so it doesn't real harm him and he get's his heat back by laying him out. Think Hall vs 123 kid.
  9. I guess, but I still wouldn't want to see it. The match should consist of Morgan being an arrogant dick and picking on Park until he decides to finish him and gets an easy 1,2,3.
  10. Yea, I don't like seeing the big guys taking a beating, especially if they're supposed to be challenging for the title some time soon.
  11. They had great chemistry this week, I'll see how it translates to ring next week. Love both guys, hopefully they get big pushes soon.
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