Josh 'I Want Attention' Mathews

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  1. just read somewhere that apparently Josh Mathews wants to sue WWE for the actions of kane. :lol1:
    Mathews: 'Now do i get your attention, Booker T and Ajlee?'

  2. It's only part of the storyline.
  3. So they're really developing this storyline then?
  5. I'm curious to see where this storyline goes. It'll probably involve the GMs not being able to run the show appropriately or something similar.
  6. A storyline about superstars attacking non in ring talent could work if done well. They've set it up well with Kane attacking Josh and Punk taking out Lawler.
  7. He needs to sue! its completely unacceptable what kane did... josh isn't a wrestler, he shouldn't be involved physically with any of the wrestlers
  8. It happens all the time though, the backstage environment storyline has gone on 3 years in a row now.
  9. Ladies and gentlemen.... Kayfabe... Is alive and well!
  10. The joke went right over your head didn't it Lanny?
  11. Im sorry, but I have to say that Josh was asking for something bad to happen. Did he honestly believe that if he walked up to Kane after he just receiving a bad lost because of a technicality and believe that Kane wouldn't react the way he did?

    Kane has built a career on being uncontrollable and unpredictable. Josh needs to buy a clue or stop playing with the Big Dogs. He WILL get bit.

    Besides, his "I wanna be just like my pretend boyfriend, Michael Cole" routine, is a little obvious.
  12. Josh didn't walk up to Kane after the match. Kane walked against Josh and Josh tried escaping, saying I quote :cole: "I'm getting out of here"

    Kane caught him and man handled him.
  13. He was referring to the Summerslam match.

    Pretend boyfriend Michael Cole. :lol1:
  14. In reply to that. It's in his job description as a backstage interviewer to interview the wrestlers. Add to that that the wwe is a silly place (not unlike Camelot) and you get what will happen.
  15. for crying out loud! im sorry but as jr used to say "this ain't ballet" and he was bloody set on fire by kane! if josh is serious about sueing wwe for being thrown around and hit by kane, maybe he shouldnt be there!
  16. Kayfabe :yay:

    To explain: You realize that it is all apart of a storyline right? Josh isn't really suing the WWE.
  18. Stop likes destroying people's dreams.
  19. Josh needs to just to stick to being an interviewer and stop complaining
  20. kayfabe :burns:
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