Josh Mathews livid over Kane attack

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  1. Josh Mathews livid over Kane attack


    At SummerSlam, Josh Mathews was injured by Kane when The Big Red Monster tossed the much smaller announcer into the air in a fit of rage after losing to Daniel Bryan. (FULL STORY)

    Still feeling the effects of the attack, Mathews was unable to appear on the Aug. 20 edition of Raw. In his place, Matt Striker served as a backstage interviewer for the night. Mathews was also absent from the Aug. 24 SmackDown broadcast and took to Twitter to vent about being attacked.

    Mathews returned to the air on the Aug. 27 edition of Raw, but had another harrowing encounter with The Devil’s Favorite Demon. Before the match between Zack Ryder and David Otunga, Kane sauntered into the arena and headed right for the announce table. Visibly concerned for his safety, Mathews high-tailed it from ringside.

    During the match, Kane sat silent at the announce table without saying a single word, despite Michael Cole’s attempts at conversation. At the end of the bout, Kane sprung into the ring and was poised to Chokeslam Ryder, but it was Otunga who felt his wrath with a brutal Chokeslam. (WATCH)

    During Mathews’ absence from the air on Raw, he took to Twitter from somewhere within the arena to vent his frustration about an unsafe workplace and a lack of action from Raw General Manager AJ Lee in rectifying matters.

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