Josh Mathews Looks At The Top 5

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    5. Austin Aries:

    Feigning an injury and then trying to help your partner win and failing will cause you to drop, I think Aries should be out of The Top 5, but I can buy this. We were told Aries was home in Los Angeles recovering from a hellacious match with Kurt Angle for The World Title. However, The Dirty Heels tried to swerve everyone and steal a victory for Bobby Roode against Eddie Edwards. It was all for not, Eddie won the match and now in Match #4 in the Best of 5 Series for The TNA World Tag Team Titles will be Full Metal Mayhem, as selected by The Wolves. One question, what happens if The Dirty Heels win? What will Match #5 be? Stay tuned, folks.​

    4. Bobby Roode:

    A loss to Eddie Edwards and Roode cracks The Top 5? I don’t buy it. I take nothing away from Bobby Roode, but losing a match, considering your partner tried to help you cheat to win, doesn’t constitute getting a spot in The Top 5.​

    3. Drew Galloway:

    Galloway was in the 4 hole last week, now he is #3, why? He was featured in a great #ShowYourImpact video and I love his passion… I am excited for the future of Drew Galloway; I just don’t know what that future holds. I will say this; the sky is the limit for Drew.​

    2. Lashley:

    It took everything and I mean EVERYTHING for EC3 to defeat Lashley this past Wednesday night. The Destroyer will be fine and losing to EC3, especially in the fashion he was defeated, doesn’t hurt Lashley. As long as he is under contract, Lashley is always in The World Title discussion, period.​

    Ethan Carter III

    The Man beat LASHLEY! The man pinned The Destroyer! Ok, Tyrus took out a bunch of refs and chaos reigned supreme, but EC3 is undefeated and on July 1st of 2015 EC3 will be undefeated for 619 consecutive days. July 1st of 2015 is EC3’s Independence Day. On July 1st of 2015 the champagne will flow. On July 1st of 2015 EC3 will be Champion.​


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