Josh Mathews Reacts to The IMPACT Top 5 from July 15, 2015

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    Josh Mathews Reacts To The Top 5​

    5. Tigre Uno​

    Hell yes, he is The X Division Champion. He is thrilling and daring and spectacular and deserves to be in The Top 5. Tigre Uno can translate his game to any opposition and therefore could be a viable contender for The World Title. Watch out Mr. Carter… and Mr. Trump!​

    4. Lashley​

    Just keep hanging around, eventually you will be Champion yet again. Lashley knows this and I feel that is why he really shouldn’t sweat this Top 5 or any other.​

    3. Drew Galloway​

    Almost beat EC3, almost became World Champion… If it weren’t for Eli Drake, Drew will be tied up with Eli for a bit, but once Drew defeats Eli Drake, The Great Scot can focus on becoming a Champion.​

    2. Bobby Roode​

    This call was made by The Law, Bully Ray and I will not argue it. Bobby Roode is a wrestlers wrestler and I hope he gets his opportunity to become Champion in the future.​

    1. Matt Hardy​

    Matt Hardy deserves this chance and opportunity, Matt Hardy did soften up Kurt Angle for EC3 and does deserve a match for The World Title, being #1 on The Top 5 almost promises that will happen.​


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