Josh Mathews Reacts to The IMPACT Top 5 from July 22, 2015

Discussion in 'TNA Feed' started by TNA, Jul 26, 2015.

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    Josh Mathews Reacts To The Top 5

    5. Tigre Uno

    I love our X Division Champion, have been in Orlando doing some promo work with him this week, Tigre is working hard on his English and is a true pro. I think Tigre can accomplish major feats not only in the ring, but in his career.

    4. Eric Young

    This man loves to hate, he enjoys it and he is good at hating. Eric Young said last week, without him, this list was “worthless” well, Mr. Young you are now on this list and climbing.

    3. Bobby Roode

    Take nothing away from Bobby, he fought hard against Matt Hardy and came up a bit short. It will not be long until this man is back in the hunt for The World Title, a lot of guys would kill to be in this spot.

    2. Bram

    You know what I want to see? Bram vs. Eric Young inside 6 Sides of Steel. Just lock the door and let them batter each other and may the best man win. That is a money match I would gladly pay to see.

    1. Matt Hardy

    He is in it now! Matt Hardy will face EC3 and Matt will get to choose the stipulation. I don’t really think it is fair, but it sure is fun! Will Matt Hardy be TNA World Champion? Sure is a fun time to be around these incredible athletes.


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