Josh Mathews Reacts To The Top 5

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    Josh Mathews Reacts To The Top 5​

    5. Bram

    Great pick at #5 and a great time for The Most Feared Man on The Roster to get into The Top 5. He brings so many things, but a victory over Matt Morgan at Slammiversary is huge. Welcome to the show, Bram.​

    4. MVP

    Your team defeated The Rising and Drew Galloway’s crew is gone! Well done by MVP and The BDC, with the proper motivation and strategy, MVP and his running mates could once again run Impact Wrestling.​

    3. James Storm

    The Cowboy fell on top of Magnus for a victory at Slammiversary, but Storm belongs in The Top 5, he needs to focus on The World Title sooner rather than later, but The Leader of The Revolution knows what he is doing.​

    2. Lashley

    Just keep hanging around, you were defeated at Slammiversary, but to me, loses for Lashley do not matter. He is The Destroyer and all it takes is one match and one person not realizing who they are in the ring with and BAM Lashley is World Champion again.​

    1. Kurt Angle

    Nearly had EC3, nearly retained his title, but EC3 did the improbable and now Kurt Angle has to collect his thoughts and decide when he wants to invoke his rematch clause and see if EC3 has what it takes to beat Angle twice. I can’t wait to find out either!​


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