Josh Mathews Reacts to the Top 5

Discussion in 'TNA Feed' started by TNA, Jul 11, 2015.

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    5. Matt Hardy

    Is Matt Hardy setting his sights on EC3? Is Matt Hardy thinking about a World Title run? Now might be the best time for Matt to do so. EC3 is a marked man and Matt Hardy knows how to shine when it counts. I am curious to see what Matt Hardy does next.​

    4. Bram

    Strong, vicious and doesn’t give a damn about anything. The Human Hate Machine needs a direction for his rage and if properly focused, Bram can be the IT guy on Impact Wrestling.​

    3. Drew Galloway

    Might be in the best position of his career right now. Drew Galloway is so talented and so gifted and if presented with the right opportunity The Great Scot can be amazing. This top five is filled with all stars.​

    2. Lashley

    I don’t think a week will go by that Lashley isn’t in the top five. He defeated EC3’s monster and Lashley, in my opinion, can beat anyone on our roster.​

    1. Kurt Angle

    He is clamoring for his World Title, but that was he rematch? Kurt Angle better talk to whoever is in charge and get this figured out because EC3 ruined the rematch for Kurt Angle.​


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