Josh Mathews: Take on The IMPACT Top 5

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    Josh Mathews: Take on The Top 5​

    5. Drew Galloway:

    Solid pick, Galloway and his band of merry men defeated The BDC and it seems the power struggle is over, not sure about the smirk on the face of MVP after the lose, but I like Drew popping into The Top 5.​

    4. Lashley:

    If you paid close attention last night, I said that whoever was victorious in the match between Lashley and Eric Young would find themselves in The Top 5 and Lashley won the match, got his retribution and can now focus on getting back The World Title.​

    3. Rockstar Spud:

    Enjoy it Spud, after next week, after you lose to Kurt Angle and have nothing left, you will not be in The Top 5 and you will wonder, “was it all worth it?” You are still my BFF tho and I will be here for you.​

    2. Austin Aries:

    Has anyone been better than Austin Aries over the past several weeks? Let’s look past The Dirty Heels being at a 2-1 disadvantage in The Tag Title Series, we should focus on A Double. He is an unreal talent and picked the perfect time to use his Feast or Fired Contract and once again, finds himself with options. Imagine if Spud somehow defeats Kurt Angle next week?! Aries will get a beaten down Spud for The World Title. Advantage: Aries.​

    1. EC3

    Of Course he is Number 1! Look, say what you want about my bias towards EC3, but the man has never been beaten! Last night was 591 days, today is 592 and next Wednesday it will be 598 and next up is 1,000 days unbeaten, unpinned and he has never submitted. EC3 will be World Champion in 2015 and this was not paid for by “Friends of EC3” this is the truth.​


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