Journalentry#2 US o' A

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by the_hoff, Nov 19, 2013.

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  1. So, the other day, The Hoff had received this little message. The Hoff is going to keep this moderator anonymous, cause that's just the kind of guy The Hoff is. It seems as though the "man" is trying to keep yours truly down. Looks like The Hoff is now involved in an angle with the authority around here. Some of you, well quite a few of you didn't have faith in The Hoff getting over around here. WELL WELL, seems like The Hoff's made such an impact here that the "authority" went out seeking the greatest heel you have ever seen. Clearly "they" saw the potential in running a program with The Hoff. They knew that this is bestforbusiness. :pity2: The Hoff looks forward to see where this angle will go with the "authority." The Hoff is the SCSA of the WWEF. No, no, The Hoff is more talented and bigger than Mr. Austin. To those who have supported yours truly, and those who continue to, The Hoff thanks you, my Hoffaholics. Hoff Out.
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  2. Lazy ass Coon
  3. Inb4 Bannu.
  4. And why would they ban yours truly? The Hoff left the person anonymous. The Hoff wasn't badmouthing the authority. He was just stating what had happened, and is looking forward to this program with the authority. It's okay to be jealous of The Hoff, Nero. Don't cry
  5. Yeah, definite Bannu.
  6. Shut your mouth Nero, The Hoff does not care for you nor like you sir. Learn how to spell "ban you" by the way. Spelling lessons for you could certainly help.
  7. Shit gimmick is shit
  8. It's okay to be jealous
  9. Wouldn't call it jealousy. You're a shitty gimmick poster who hasn't even come close to getting over on this forum.
  10. Gimmick? You know everything, don't you? You are the All-Knowing! All hail you Nickelodeon. The All-knowing and powerful :badass::finger:
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  11. I'd say I know just about everything. One of the few things I don't know is why you're still trying to make this gimmick work.
  12. Ah, haters always gonna hate on The Hoff. It's understandable, though. Jealous you can't live the life of yours truly. Crazy Hoff parties on a daily basis, loads and load of cocaine, I roll up wherever I go in a stretch limo. The Hoff life is good my friend. Well, not my friend. Regardless, The Hoff life is good.
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  13. On a side note, if you're not pro-American, then get the F outta here.
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  14. I'm sure the life of a gimmick poster brings much excitement
  15. Not a gimmick, brother. A shame you couldn't fly out here, and party one night with yours truly. All the cocaine you can ever want, because frankly, who doesn't want all of the coke they can get their hands on. Then again, not so sure if The Hoff wants your little, grubby, peasant hands all over my stuff.
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  16. Hey @Dolph'sZiggler what would you say is better since we don't have them up here. Hardys/Carl Jr's or Sonic?
  17. I'm a fan of Sonic. Diversity in choice of sides (tater tots, chedder bites/peppers, onion rings, ect) not to mention ballin breakfast burritos and toasters. burgers are OK for fast food

    Sonic. decent ice cream/shakes as well
  18. Steak 'n Shake?
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