JR And Shawn Michaels Discuss Assorted Topics (Streak Ending, NXT, Sherri Martel, etc.)

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by The GOAT, Jun 24, 2015.

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  1. http://wrestlinginc.com/wi/news/2015/0624/596553/jr-on-brock-not-wanting-to-end-the-streak/

    I'm curious what Michaels' problem with the crowd's reaction towards the Taker loss was? That they didn't give him a loud enough round of applause afterwards? I remember a report saying that McMahon was disappointed as well, stating that he was hoping the crowd had given a bigger applause for the Undertaker than they did, but I think their shocked reaction the moment the referee's hand slapped the mat for the third time pretty much says it all.

    On another note, it's cool as hell that Brock has such respect for Taker that even he initially refused to win the match. Not that I'm still butt-hurt that he was the one selected to end the Streak or anything, I actually mellowed on it quite quickly, but still.

    I'm also surprised that they didn't mention Bret Hart when discussing the art of selling because Bret was a tremendous seller, probably one of the very best in the history of the business.
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  2. I was also surprised with that crowd comment. I mean, I myself couldn't react at all for a few minutes after the match when watching that home, imagine the people in the arena.
  3. The thing I took away from this interview is that JR is still c*nt hurt about the business.
    Every question he answers these days further illuminates the fact that he is a Debbie Downer.
    He even found a way to both highlight and insult NXT in one swift blow.
    Why did HBK leave early? He's a drama queen who's hammered for adulation.

    The Divas are great, f*ck their opinion on Sherri Martel.
  4. I didn't see the interview, but wasn't he talking about how the crowd kept silent or mumbling in disbelief even during the main-event? (For a little bit, at least)
  5. JR can fuck off. The streak ended and people were genuinely shocked, what did he expect? And why he feels the need to shit on the divas like that is beyond me- it's not them or Louis Vuitton doing a terrible fucking job with the division.
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  6. I'm pretty sure people being genuinely shocked is the last reason he was against Brock Lesnar ending the Streak. People would have been shocked no matter who was chosen to end it.

    Although I have heard before that JR was supposedly hoping that the Undertaker would retire with the Streak still intact, he probably feels that if they were gonna end it, it should have gone to a younger superstar who would be around for the next 10-15 years. Imagine if someone like Kevin Owens had ended the Streak in Taker's home-state of Texas next year instead.
  7. Kevin Owens in 15 years? I guess Vader is still going.
  8. Kevin Owens is only 31. 31+15=46, which is usually about the age that wrestlers start seriously considering retirement (provided they haven't already been forced to hang up the boots due to a serious injury, ala Austin, Edge, etc.)
  9. I thought you meant of time on top, meaning someone in their early/mid 20's, not the end of a career.
  10. I said someone who was around for the next 10-15 years, not necessarily someone who's on top the entire time. Nobody should be on top for 15 straight years, no matter who they are (unless we're talking a sporadic main eventer, like Shawn Michaels during his second run from 2002-2010.)
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  11. I don't think the divas have very much control even if they had an idea. I'm not sure why they would say such a thing about the girls out there.
  12. Who is you?

    WWE needs Taryn, case closed end of story. Gail Kim too, again. Those two in WWE could have a feud people would actually watch.
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  13. Well, hello!
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  14. The main roster does have talented divas, let's be real here. It's just that their booking is atrocious.

    As far as the people reacting to Taker's Streak ending goes, well, who can blame them? Everyone was shocked.
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  15. Whats up Deluxe, I have recently gone through the same type of thing. Stopped watching around 2005 due to being a teenager and losing interest. Re discovered wwe the same week as wrestle mania 31.
    I too was shocked at how much it has changed.
    One thing I've nnoticed, it seems like the same matches every week. And ppv re matches 10 mminutes after the other ppv match.
    Feuds are short lived and there's more focus on the same handful of people.
    All that being said, I do enjoy the ppv for the most part. And really that's the only time a decent match happens. During raw it seems there is a lot of disqualification. Probably to avoid injury before the ppv.
    Like ryback vs big show. setup for battle ground the day after mitb.
    so they had a match 2 weeks ago miz was ringside and then interfered and ended the match. made battle ground a triple threat. The next week same thing he was ringside and annoying then got involved.
    Like come on two crap matches just to make sure people know they have one coming up at the next ppv.
    Anyways i have a lot to say about the product and lack of build up and heart and the writing. I'll just leave it there.
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  16. And the roster depth. I realize with nxt it's a decent size.
    but ihhave counted the rosters ffrom the time I stopped watching. Approx 90 in 2005. Now tthere'slike 50 in raw/smackdown.
    big difference in a decade
  17. Well those were made for another thread i swear I was in. Sorry folks
  18. True. I have found that only watching the PPVs and ignoring Raw is much more enjoyable.
  19. I had this dude at work tell me he finally was giving up on WWE (I'm a pawnbroker, and he was selling a shitload of garbage WWE stuff - we see it constantly now) but reminded me he is going to buy SS and Wrestlemania. I was flabbergasted, and let him know he is spending the same if not more than if he paid for the entire year....but he reminded me that paying for the year would make him feel obligated to still watch the PPV's.

    Checking WWEF to see if RAW/the PPV are worth watching is the way to do it. It's why we have public voting, because 9 of 10 shows are shit with one or two great matches in there somewhere. I wouldn't be surprised if a few random WI customers end up on here.
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