JR confirms working on new NXT

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Stopspot, May 19, 2012.

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  1. JR posted on his blog about the new NXT and his involvement in it. In his blog he confirms both NXT's return to traditional TV in the US as well as him working commentary for the program with William Regal and sports radio personality Chris Russo.

    More can be read here at JR's own blog.

    Read and discuss peeps.
  2. JR and Regal?

  3. If Regal is the heel this could be fantastic.
  4. Tagging @[Rainman] in here so that I can see him fangasm.
  5. NXT needs to be live, the discussion threads would be so much more positive than RAW lol.
  6. It won't be live for at least four weeks, but it would really be nice if it was.
  7. I doubt it ever will mate. If SmackDown won't be live - NXT certainly won't. What have they done with NXT as a brand though? Is it just completely separate to the rest now like SmackDown used to be? Superstars is a different "brand" (I guess) too but there's no story-lines, will NXT have those (I assume so)?
  8. It's separate brand with storylines, it's a third brand (NXT). Superstars isn't a separate brand, it's pretty much people who don't have matches that week competing on a filler show (which actually ends up in pretty good matches). NXT probably won't be live anytime soon, as you said, but one episode or another may be live, just like SD.
  9. I'm sorry, but your request has been denied. Please try again soon!

    As for the rest of the thread, the spoilers with 5-6 matches on every episode of NXT do worry me.
    Will there be enough time to fit 5 storylines in an hour and still give the matches the proper length of time? (You know, the thing that made NXT such a good show?)
  10. WTF is JR doing on NXT when RAW needs him?! :upset:
  11. I wish JR was on Raw too, but I guess it's good enough seeing him on NXT.
  12. JR wants to be on NXT. He has said so himself. He says the most important thing in the business is building new talent and he wants to be a part of that. Plus he has a great eye for talent so having him involved will be good.
  13. So there's at least one person concerned with building new talent inside the WWE. :yay:
  14. JR shouldn't be on RAW imo. He's not as good as his former self anyway but have some new commentators on RAW. Stanford + Cole would be perfect, even have Booker.
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