Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Super Saiyan Goku, May 29, 2013.

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  1. GOOD OLD JR SPEAK THE TRUE :pipebomb: !​

  2. Says one good thing about CM Punk, Gohan now worships JR
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  3. inb4 #GohanLogic
  4. Your grammar astounds me.
  5. JR does speak the truth here. As Austin also said in his book, when guys start speaking and acting from the heart again and not just from memory, the business would likely improve dramatically.
  6. Been wondering how much control the wrestlers have over their characters, figured Vince/Creative had all the say considering how many people are smiley babyface/coward heel.
    But JR's on the inside and sees what's going on, and if the wrestlers won't speak up, who will? Guess CM Punk spoke up to get out of his face character as he clearly wasn't comfortable baby.

    Oh, and I'm surprised Gohan could understand anything he said, but we all know why he posted this. #DatKidLogic
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  7. [​IMG]

    Randy speaks well, reads like a 4th grader, and types like a rejected wwf character on wm2000
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  8. i posted it b/c its the true! stone cold was great before of it,undertaker was great b/c of it,hbk was great b/c of it. all the wrestler over by talk from the heart, and no was doing it anymore and then cm punk came alone and got over doing it. cm punk the only 1 in this pg era that had the ballz to do it.
  9. What sig bet did you lose? :lol1:

  11. :lol1: Not you, man. :emoji_slight_smile:
  12. Despite of some of the LQ posts, JR is absolutely right. Talents do need to grow a set of balls and actually voice their opinion on how their characters are being changed. Whether Punk is "overrated" or not, and whether you like Punk or not, he did raise hell about it and said to them "Fix it, or I'll fuck off elsewhere", and now look where he is. It has been reported numerous times that Vince likes guys who have a set, so take advantage of that. There are far too many talents who are happy with sitting on the bench and picking up their pay-cheques.
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