JR hinting some results? (POSSIBLE SPOILER)

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  1. Taken from his blog

    I just hope he´s wrong about cena winning :/
  2. Well... I think of the complete opposite tbh, if he says Cena is winning then I guess he won't..
    WWE is not that dump, if Cena was actually winning then I don't think they would let anyone from the company to say it before the match, even if it is just a prediction.

    I may be wrong though..
  3. just reading kevin nash´s name there, gave me the chills, god forbids he´s a surprise entrance :no:
  4. Kanr record will be broken though, just watch Ryback eliminating half of the superstars.
  5. if thats the case i hope kane also breaks HBK record, he needs to eliminate 4 superstars, kane deserves to be remembered for something like that...

    just picture this scenario

    - team hell no lose the championship belt.
    - kane eliminates daniel bryan at the rumble
    - the beggining of the end for team hell no....

    too bad wwe bookers won´t give us that:upset:
  6. :no: Don't even touch the HBK record :bury:
    Anyway, I think the scenario you posted will indeed happen..

    Team Hell no will lose the Tag titles, enter the RR, but it will be DB who will eliminate Kane imo.
    And that will surely be the end of Team Hell No, leading to a match between the duo at WM.
  7. I dont think it will get touched, we have a lot of bigger, tougher stars today IMO.
  8. :kiss:
  9. Well...turns out to be that WWE is indeed THAT dump :otunga:
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