JR Should Do Commentary At Wrestlemania 32

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by The GOAT, Oct 1, 2015.

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  1. He's the greatest announcer in the history of the business and with them planning to make Wrestlemania 32 the biggest event in WWE history, how excellent would it be if JR made a one-night return to call the biggest event in company (and North American wrestling) history?

    At the very least, they should bring him back to do special commentary for one particular match, like he did for the "End Of An Era" Hell In A Cell match at WM28. If Austin ended up returning for one final bout or if the Undertaker really does end up retiring next year, then obviously either of those would be the perfect match to go with. If they end up still rolling with The Rock vs Triple H as the main event, then that one would be nearly as ideal because like with Austin, he was the head commentator in the prime of both men's careers and called both of their historical feuds with one another, their classic rivalry over the Intercontinental Title in '98 as well as their feud over the WWF Championship in 2000.
  2. I'd be cool with this. Whether he does one match on commentary or the entire show, it'd still be a treat seeing him there.
  3. No, keep him away from the product... Not only is he overrated like you just proved in that statement, they have better announcers who can do a better job at calling the show.. JR doesn't even have a working relationship with them right now, they have no reason to bring him back for 1 show.
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  4. Sure.
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  5. I'd just like to know, how you think modern WWE announcers are better than Jim Ross? What qualities, actions etc to they have that Jim Ross doesn't have or doesn't excel in?

    I personally feel like a one show event will be great for Jim Ross. He did it back in 2011, 2012 and 2013. I know he isn't around anymore, but seeing him come back for a show or two each year would be great, imo.
  6. If Jim Ross doesn't do Wrestlemania it because Vince think he's a crackpot or because Ross ain't what he used to be.
    Honestly, Ross isn't what he used to be. I probably would prefer Ross be left off the show because he's simply too old.
    I hate hate saying this but its true. Vince would probably raise the point that the man has had two strokes, but that's Vince being a d*ck.
    I suppose if Ross did color, that might suffice. Play-by-play is the backbone of how WWE wants to promote its brand.
    Ross doesn't have the chops to promote this era of WWE because Cole has the superficiality to pull it off.

    This event is important and Ross shouldn't 'ruin' it. Vince doesn't like Ross' tongue and never has. I personally would love Ross on color and play-by-play for maybe ex-attitude era matches.
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  7. I have never been a huge JR fan, but I can usually recognize the talent and contribution of those I am not a fan of.

    Now personally, I do not think JR is the best commentator ever. Gordon Solie is the best commentator ever in my mind and Jesse Ventura is the best color commentator ever. I would put JR and Bobby Heenan high on the list, but definitely below these two.

    That being said, I would prefer that they did not bring him back for Wrestlemania. Regardless of the fact that he is JR, I would rather see the commentators that regularly call the show also call the major events. When you bring someone else in to call a big event like Wrestlemania, you are telling your current commentators that they are not up to the job so we're bringing in someone who has only called one full wrestling PPV in years in to do it for you.

    Now, I am not saying that the current broadcast team is good. Honestly, I think that they often get sidetracked too often and add very little excitement to the match. But rather than bring someone in for a main event, they need to revamp the current team. Honestly, I think Corey Graves would look great on the main roster.. he is a solid heel color commentator who, unlike JBL, remembers that he is a heel... he also rarely gets off the subject of the match.

    I personally think JR's day is passed, but that's just my thought. Plus, JR's chemistry was better with Lawler than with anyone else and Lawler is way past his day as an interesting commentator. It's better to move forward than backward.
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  8. JR should def commentate at mania 32, especially if Austin wrestles or this is truly takers last match, etc. he did at mania 28 for triple h and taker. Why not at the "biggest" mania ever?
  9. I could live without that craggy old fuck returning, even if it was only for Mania
  10. What did JR ever do to you? :ambrose2:
  11. Nothing, majour just usually hates anything pertaining to WWE

  12. Nothing personally, obviously. But he's just a misery gu
    That's not true, there's plenty of stuff I do like about WWE.

    To answer Lockard's question, I just find him to be such a misery that I'm okay without him being around.
  13. I was jk and I love you
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