JR: "There is talk of an NXT Championship Tournament"

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  1. I'm torn on this. One of the reasons I loved the last season was the fact that we couldn't smart-mark the show because everyone was on the same level, we could just sit back and enjoy the show. The writers also didn't have the crutch of "getting close to title contention" or "this is a meaningful match because of the title"... so without the belt they had to write storylines to make the matches meaningful, and they usually did a really good job.

    That being said, it could be good for the wrestlers and the superstars involved, giving them exposure, but the fans will probably laugh it off just like they did the WWECW championship.

    So... :no: :no: :no:
  2. Yes, this is great. Fucking great. Can't wait, I hope it's Rollins personally but I have a feeling it won't be.
  3. Serious.
  4. If it's still the same people who write the show, they'll probably be able to book decent storylines even with the title there.
  5. That's true, there's certainly enough good here to take a "wait and see" approach.
  6. I personally think adding a title for the NXT roster could be a good idea if it isn't hogged by a single Superstar. If they just have one hog it, he'll be known as the John Cena of NXT, and he likely won't come of nice with the WWE Universe.. Also, one main reason I believe this is a good idea is because I feel that the NXT writers can come up with a decent storyline, at the least, to make the title more interesting to the fans. I just hope WWE doesn't screw up with the idea and basically retire it after 5-6 months or something like that. As for who I think would win the title, that's a tough one. I would really like for Richie Steamboat to take the title, but I think the NXT writers will have Seth Rollins take it... Either one winning it would be good in my eyes, though.

    I am wondering what they would do for the Divas - would they give them a title? Very unlikely, there isn't even one Divas title for each of Raw and Smackdown, why would they add one to NXT? Maybe too push a DIva they think will be a future Legend, but with only four Divas on the roster, it would not really be worth it..
  7. Sounds cool :obama:
  8. I'd quote like that 15 minute medal from FCW to brought in tbh.
  9. You would quote like it?
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  11. Next week I'll be able to on a better phone. Get ready for me to rub it in.
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  17. Is it like a Geordie way of saying the Internet??
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