Discussion in 'RAW' started by Senhor Perfect, Jan 12, 2013.

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  1. Hopefully he calls some of the action and it isn't just a cameo.
  2. He'll probably show up to call one match and then leave.
  3. Now that we know JR is here, we already no Stone Cold will be there too. BAW GAWD ITS STONE COLE STONE COLE! STUNNER STUNNER STUNNER! THE RADDLESNAKE HAS JUST STUNNERED HIM TO HELL BAW GAWD! I couldn't help myself lol.

    Good that JR will be there, I miss him being on commentary and he'll make this Raw special for m now that he's doing commentary. I think every match looks better when he's the one calling it.
  4. JR's been boring and lifeless since his return tbh.
  5. :shock:
  6. I'm sure they don't let JR be his old-school self. They keep using him as mostly a color commentator, Michael Cole is always there to be the lead play-by-play guy, so JR's role is filled by him, I believe that plays a factor on the lack of emotion he's shown that I've heard some people complain about.
  7. Can you blame him?
  8. Touché
  9. I hope he's there doing commentary for the night, if not, it'll still be good seeing him.
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