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  1. Seeing as booker t is the Smackdown GM JR should go on commentry
  2. I doubt he'd want to travel with them all the time. I'd much prefer regal.
  3. JR does commentary on WWE's best show at the moment.
  4. I'm hoping for either JBL or Regal.
  5. It's always nice to hear JR (and I think he'd like to announce on the main shows, not sure though) so I wouldn't have a problem with it but I don't think it's happening.
  6. JBL would be freaking awesome.
  7. JBL would be awesome because he is a Commentary.....GOD!
  8. He could play the bias heel so well and give Cole a chance to go back to neutral.
  9. Jim Ross should stick to stuff like FCW and NXT. We need to get use to him not being around, he's getting to old for us to rely on him for good commentary. We need a new commentary guy for the next few years to replace Jerry Lawler also, and Jim Ross. JBL is a good replacement, as to William Regal, Matt Striker, Road Dogg, Stone Cold(unlikely), or maybe Edge? Either way we can't just keep hoping Jim Ross comes back.
  10. Cole in my opinion is the replacement for JR. He is great when allowed to and especially when playing neutral. So we have play by play covered with Mathews as a close second. What we need is a good color commentator.
  11. I think either Matt Striker or William Regal would be the best pick for me, JBL would work too.
  12. I hate Matt Striker, so I would prefer either Regal or JBL.
  13. That's great if JR will commentator at Smackdown! :yes:
  14. People seems to neglect that JR wants to do NXT instead of RAW and Smackdown since he prefers to work with and develop younger talent.
  15. i want JBL or Regal
  16. I think we're twins Vince.
  17. doubt youre as ugly as me
  18. Don't be so hard on yourself.


    Also if Striker gets commentary on Smackdown full time I never watch again.
  19. :downer:
  20. I hate him, I can't stand the guy. :dawg:
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