JTG’s “Controversial Remarks” On Twitter Referenced On Raw, Zack Ryder Not Booked

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Harley Quinn, Aug 14, 2012.

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  2. I’m not sure how i feel about the whole JGT situation. Was putting him in a match with ryback a way of humiliating him for speaking out? Or was it the only way they could introduce him into a match so quickly as they genuinely wanted to give him some air time? I don’t think they would have openly admitted the things he tweeted unless this was a way of humiliating him. I also don’t understand why they aren’t using zack ryder. I do remember reading an article where zack mentioned that he wanted to remain an underdog as it would become annoying if he kept winning, but this just takes it to a new low. He deserves to be on every single show whether he wins or not. Hopefully there will be some payoff for his absence. Perhaps they’re waiting until they have a decent storyline to put him in. One can only hope.
  3. :hmm: What if it's all part of a storyline? Remember on the 1000th episode of Raw the midcarders were also there and complaining, even though they got squashed by Undertaker how is this any different? I can see the midcarders getting sick of not getting any television time, so they'll start complaining more and more then some start getting fired. After they get fired they start ambushing the main eventers. Eventually the main eventers become a stable bent on taking down WWE, can be led by the Intercontinental champion and US Champion, because Miz also didn't get to fight the WWE Champion last week and complained about it. It would bring prestige to the titles(yes I know people hate the US title but it could mean something since there's two world titles) and give young talent some spotlight.
  4. Either way, Cole is still hilarious.
  5. Well, at least Ryder's on SD. They have to find a way to use him, he's pretty over.
  6. Ryder is boss, and deserves some airtime. JTG got shafted by Ryback, he was stiff as hell that whole match.
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