JTG sounds off on Twitter, tired of the backstage politics

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Snowman, Aug 6, 2012.

  1. Get 'em.
  2. JTG is JT....fired :(( he has balls though.
  3. Well he's gonna get sacked, well done to him for speaking up though, props to the man! :obama:
  4. The summer of JTG :YAY:
  5. This guy is a JTG fan honestly, he just always had had shit setup. Even his new approach looks like what an 8 year old imagines kofi's badass brother looks like.
  6. I don't like JTG, Good-bye.
  7. ^HHH fan, so he appreciates the unappreciated wrestlers. :true:
  8. I'll miss you JTG. You were truly a boss
  9. He shouldn't be so bitter. I think receiving a paycheck doing something you love is wonderful. I understand there are ups and downs, but this is why we always contact our employers before quitting
  10. How sad is it that you never know if something said on twitter are a persons true feelings or part of a wwe storyline -.-
  11. JTG is awesome. He's a unique character, decent worker with a diverse moveset, he's surprisingly over, and he's over enough to deserve a spot on the mid-card. Don't see why they shouldn't push the guy, but I say that about just about everyone.
  12. if you mean this as in JTG will say someone hacked his twitter ala Kurt Angle, well done

    If you are insinuating this could possibly be a work and WWE told him to tweet this to set up a push.. lmfao @ you
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  13. Meant is he drunk lol. I think even the casuals know JTG will be fired soon.
  14. XD oh
  15. The problem is not JTG, what he's saying is true. Backstage politics seem more important than on-screen talent nowadays, which is awful. I was a fan of JTG as a casual and I still like him, he can talk OK and can work but wasn't well booked. Was on Cryme Tyme for quite some time and they broke the tag for no reason, now he's not used anymore, which I don't agree with. Well, him going wouldn't make a big difference since I never see him anymore but it's still bad.
  16. :obama: Someone grew a pair.
  17. Updates seem to state that they solved this backstage grievance at least somewhat amicably and like adults. There's a thread on it in the RAW section
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