JTG's makeover, yay or nay?

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  1. Title says it all. JTG got a makeover on this weeks NXT in a storyline to help him find his edge to start winning titles (more on that as I write up this weeks episode.)



    Which looks suites him better?
  2. Something changed? I don't think so. The trunks changed, yes, but not that drastic.
  3. What's his actual gimmick though?
  4. What's his actual gimmick though?
  5. The original gimmick? You know that one.

    The new one: They seem to be running a program over the next couple of weeks with Fox giving him a complete makeover gimmick and all. This week he just débuted a new physical appearance and some new moves into his move set (and the fact that he sells quite well). He wasn't given any mic time but I expect this to be shown over the coming weeks.

    As for his new look. Personally I think it makes him look more like a wrestler and less like a guy from GTA San Andreas who just stumbled into the place.

    + Crayo, :yuno: Double post!?
  6. Was that on NXT or superstars? Gonna give them both a watch at some point this week anyway.

    Looks awesome to me, he's been stale for years so make sense to change him up a little.
  7. Superstars is so awesome. The commentary is epic.
  8. NXT. Both NXT and Superstars were once again great this week so give them a watch.
  9. Will do, got Smack down a Fed-X booking to go through first though :otunga:
  10. Killer. Check over my thread I did in creative on the feud I was to write. It's the third draft.
  11. To be fair I enjoy doing Fed-X, Smackdown...not so much.

    Will do just now..
  12. I heard they improved his in ring skills also. Possible push for him?
  13. He was real good in the ring this week in his match with Yoshi (and Yoshi is no slouch either) so yeah I expect him to get at least a mid card push or a main card NXT push if they continue evolving NXT into the third brand.
  14. God noooo.
  15. If some sort of gimmick change comes with it, it's OK. The look doesn't really change much, but as previously stated, does make him look more like a wrestler.
  16. I like Alicia Fox getting the fashionista gimmick... The outfit, I hated. The JTG character may have been ludicrous and stale, but it was something different and the ring attire was unique.

    As for NXT becoming a third brand: NO! Keep it away from WWECW!
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  17. Looks like a wannabe Jay Lethal sort of.
  18. Fox and JTG should be decent.
  19. I liked his old look to be honest however let's just see how this new look/gimmick goes. I actually like JTG so I hope he get's pushed on NXT now.
  20. why did they kill cryme tyme? JTG was doing big on raw with shad, now he's on NXT somewhere and I thought he'd been fired. And what's this new gimmick? He goes from hood to being a?
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