JT's collection of superstars who will be future main-eventers

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    This list contains superstars who I see in the ME. When good booking is done, good pushes are given, these guys should be in it.

    Did not add in Bryan and Ziggler, because they're already in it atm.
    Feel free to name more and I will add them to this list.
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  2. Darren young and heath :lol1:

    agree with rest though
  3. Only Rhodes and Ari could be bonafide main eventers from that list IMO, well Wade also.
  4. Barrett and Rhodes are the only two that have any realistic chance of being main eventers. I would like A -Ri to be as well but WWE don't seem very high on him anymore.
  5. Barrett and Rhodes are as good as guaranteed.

    Ryder and A-Ry can easily become it with the right build up. They have what it takes to main event they just need slight gimmick tweaks (A-Ry getting a real gimmick and Ryder dropping some of his more childish elements and blending in some more serious ones into his current gimmick and then letting it evolve naturally.) Otherwise those two are as good as guaranteed to become faces of the upper mid card considering their over ness, drawing power (they draw good for mid carders) ring ability and general likability.

    Heath and Tyson are also guys who could easily become faces of the WWE mid card to come.

    Young could also be a top mid carder but main event is harder to predict at the moment.
  6. I see the critisism on Young. Why I chose him? He's got a good look, charisma and can work really well.

    But also note ''With the right booking''. :dawg:
  7. I agree completely apart from Slater,
    I just cant see him ever being above a mid carder or a good tag team.

    Ive got a feeling Otunga could get better?
  8. Naa, Otunga should focus on acting imo.:jericho:
  9. darren young sucks lmao. The rest are pipe dreams besides Rhodes and Wade IMO. Guys who have one attribute or another, but not the total package, and not what WWE looks for in guys they push.
  10. I really don't see how Tyson could be a main event guy tbh, the same as Ryder. They're good but not WWE main event good.
  11. Agreed. I don't see Heath or Darren Young main eventing either.
  12. Why not? Because of the look? Charisma? Skill?
  13. Cody and Wade I see there because they're already very close. Riley needs the correct push, the guy has everything they look for in a main eventer. Ryder, if they make the gimmick tweaks in the future I could also see being there. Kidd, Young & Slater I'm not sure.
  14. LOL @ people hating on certain members of the group, i think Titus has a better shot than Darren, and i think Hunico will be big in some way/shape/form later. Did anyone think DZ was going to be big when he was nicky?
  15. That change was drastic and unlikely to be replecated very often. Anyone could be a main eventer if the company decides, its just less likely in certain cases.
  16. You're unlikely to be replicated often.
  17. When you change it to "LOL @ everyone posting their opinions on the wrestlers on a wrestling forum" it becomes a lot less funny.

    Anyway, I'm not judging the superstars on their gimmicks. Dolph has never physically looked like he could never belong with the top stars. Titus is really old now isn't he? I'm not sure and cba to google. Hunico is diabolical on the mic and crickets refuse to make noise around him.
  18. Titus is 35 my friend :emoji_slight_smile:
  19. That's pretty old for someone who's a relatively new superstar.
  20. Darren Young is 32, I thought he was in his 20's.
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