PPV Judgement Day - Match Card


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Live from Brooklyn, New York.

Match One
Alexander Diamond @CiV
Yuri Black @Averous
Chris Young @impactking

"Kicking off the show is a Triple Threat match between three of Precision's finest. Firstly, the brother of current Intercontinental Champion Joseph Diamond, Alexander Diamond. Alexander looks to prove tonight that he's just as good as his brother. Next comes Yuri Black, Black hasn't been seen since his win against Tyler Reeves but now he's back, and looks to make a statement here in this triple threat match. Finally, the current Survival Champion Chris Young, who hasn't defended his title in a while, but has still proved himself to be a potential challenger for the Intercontinental or even the World Heavyweight Championship. Who will emerge victorious to kick off Judgement Day?"

Match Two
World Heavyweight Championship
Rhys Haze @Solarxpixel
Will Neilson (c) Sanic Sanic

"The history between both Rhys Haze and Will Neilson goes back to the early days of Precision, but through the actions of Will, the team split at last years Hell in a Cell event. Since then, Haze has defeated the likes of Joseph Diamond and Chris Young, but mysteriously disappeared after TLC and failing to win the World Heavyweight Championship against Andersen Vega and the previously mentioned Joseph Diamond. Will went on to capture the Survival, Intercontinental and now the World Heavyweight Championship and has enjoyed a successful run so far, but Rhys Haze might just be the roadblock he can't get past. Filled with revenge and hate, Rhys viciously attacked Will after his victory at Gauntlet of Champions and turned his back on the fans, just like Will did to him the previous year. These two will fight over the prestigious World Heavyweight Championship, in a match that has been anticipated for over a year."

Promo Opportunity
The General Manager of Precision, Trent Kingsley
Sanic Sanic

"Trent has announced that he will be making an appearance at Judgement Day to address the current situation in Precision, and the next PPV event, Duality. What will he have to say?"

Main Event
Precision Championship

Tyson Blade @Electro
Jack Rogue (c) @Geek773

"In a rematch from Gauntlet of Champions, Tyson Blade will once again challenge Jack Rogue for the Precision Championship in tonight's main event. Rogue pulled off the victory in a Last Man Standing match at Gauntlet of Champions, but that doesn't mean that Blade has stopped his pursuit of the Precision title, and will look to push Jack Rogue to the absolute limit here at Judgement Day. Only 2 weeks ago, both Blade and Rhys Haze not only picked a victory up against the two World Champions in Jack Rogue and Will Neilson, but attempted to execute an attack on them post match, to quite possibly increase their chances of victory. This match will close out the show, and the two men look to put on an instant classic. Who will walk out Precision Champion? Will it be Blade? Or will it be Rogue?"

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