Julius Peppers sign with the Packers,Other Free Agency,Packers should sign Devin Hester!

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  2. uh i am alot to post my video in it own thread in that section of were the video go to crayo gave me the ok a long time so no it not a waste of a thread! And if u going to talk about the topic at hand please leave this thread thank u!
  3. How is it not a wasted thread, this is offseason talk and there is already an offseason thread? you can go post it in there..
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  4. did u not herd what i said any video of me talking about something is alot to be in it own thread crayo the owner of this gave me the ok along time ago! now again i said one last if ur not going to said something about topic in this video please do not comment here or i report u!
  5. Sharpy is right in every way.
  6. Does not change the fact it's a wasted thread, this video is discussing the NFL Offseason which is already a topic therefor should go there..

    Just to make you happy, Julius Peppers sucks, Devin Hester sucks and you suck! hows that for being on topic?
  7. ANNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNND....The Packers still won't get past the divisional playoff round.
  8. You don't seem to understand the business side of football Gohan, or football in general. This isn't prime Julius Peppers. This is washed up old man Peppers. He might help your shitty D out some, but not like you seem to think he will.
  9. Packers don't play defense
  10. how do u know!? I think still think got some left in the tank and ur see why! Not every middle 30 year old man is at the end of his career! Like at Tony G. I still said he could play at a high level if he chice not to retire this offseson!
  11. uh yes that do!?
  12. Historically bad that is.
  13. no. The packers of 60's were one of if not the best defense of all time! go look it up!
  14. Tell that to LeGarrette Blount

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  15. How do I know? I have eyes and saw Peppers play last season. He isn't a difference maker. Serviceable at best, you paid the dude way too much money.
  16. I'm talking about the present. Terrible defenses, one of the worst of all time statistically.
  17. No name defense...Raiders....Purple People Eaters....
  18. this was 2 years ago he was with the patiots last year!
  19. If you are talking about Tony Gonzalez...he is 38 years old.
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