June 7th LIVE TNA Impact Discussion Thread (8:00 EST)

Discussion in 'TNA iMPACT! (2011-2015)' started by Testify, Jun 4, 2012.

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  1. Huge Main Event! Discuss! :taker:
  2. "- A contract signing between Bully Ray and Joseph Park for their match at Slammiversary"

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  3. This will be fucking awesome.


    That main event sounds like some corny ass WWE booking though. Do not want
  4. That main event is almost fap material it's so damned good.

    The last 6-Man Tag that looked that awesome though (Angle, Kaz, and Daniels vs AJ, Magnus and Joe) was good, but not the MOTY contender it could have been, too short and more story-based than a great match. Hopefully this turns out like the Roode, Bully and Aries vs Storm, Joe, and Magnus one from earlier this year, which was the best Impact main event in 2 years.
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  5. Agreed. 6 man tags can be badass if given time and structure, let alone the names involved.:obama:
  6. I'm on Dolph's side here, but only because WWE has poisoned them. Let's see how TNA do. I tend to despise clustered main events and tag-team main events now.
  7. I had forgotten about that match. It was indeed very good.
  8. It's not like a WWE Tag Match where every match tells the same story.
    It shouldn't be a massive WWE multi-man match like the one at WM which devolves into a clustermess finisher fest. Plus if it was WWE, they'd throw someone like Robbie E into the match so you know beforehand who's eating the pin. So this match is better already.

    Calling Mickie for the Knockouts #1 contender btw.
    Please come back, Winter!

    That Contract Signing is going to be phenomenal. Must-see TV at it's finest.
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  9. Since it's the go home show I'll expect Sting to get the pin, probably on Kaz or Daniels, to help cement him as a threat to Roode. Roode will wind up running away from Sting in some fashion, and it will end with Sting in the ring and Roode on the ramp backing away looking terrified.
  10. I'm guessing the KO's will be Tara, Mickie, Velvet and Brooke. Dunno who wins it though. I'd love for Sarita to be tossed in, as she's amazing.
  11. Mickie is the only one that's credible enough IMO to be tossed in on the go home show and present some sort of threat to Gail with no build.
  12. Unfortunately, true. TNA didn't bulid enough for the match, so now the chances that Gail'll lose are zero, IMO. And that doesn't do well for the match quality. But we'll see, miracles happen.:urm:
  13. Why didn't they advertize it during last edition?
  14. TNA doesn't do things like that.
    Why? Who the hell knows. They just never do.
  15. advertize - that's not even an Americanism.
  16. Ahh, it's good to be in the TNA Section again. Where Wrestling Matters.

    Show Spoiler
    PWInsider is reporting that the show will start this week with Daniels having new footage of AJ and Dixie.
  17. Thursday can't come quickly enough. Please Impact put on a show that can get the taste of bullshit covered in BBQ sauce out of my mouth.
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  18. Chris Daniels - the ultimate boss.:dawg:
  19. That trios main event match could be great. Dixie's a horrible mic worker and talker, and her promo will be cringeworthy. She's boring.
  20. And that will be a good thing, if happening. Just the fact that Sting must look strong to beat Roode is great, IMO, considering all the bullshit they've done sometimes in past years.
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