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  1. In June of 2015 a new fourth installment of the Jurassic Park series will be released as of now.. during comic con over the Summer they released a movie poster for it and now the first trailer has been popping up over the last day or two.. The new movie will star Bryce Dallas Howard, Chris Pratt, Jake Johnson, Omar Sy, Vincent D'Onofrio, Nick Robinson and many more.. The first trailer makes the movie definitely displays the CG power and also tells us a little bit about the primary basis of the story.. I'm pretty interested personally because Jurassic Park were some of my favorite movies.. Chris Pratt will be playing a similar role to what Jeff Goldblum had played in the previous series.. however I do hope Goldblum decides to play along and make a surprise cameo appearance.

    Anyway here's the trailer watch and feel free to tell me whatchya think!

  3. I can't get by how stupid the people in this universe are. Who's brilliant idea is it to create multiple dinosaurs? Especially considering the previous 3 fuck ups.

    People would pay millions just to see one.
  4. The plot is about pretty much, they aren't getting as much business as they used to. Dinosaurs are like a fading fad. The director says there is a scene that you can tell that people don't care about dinosaurs anymore is when a kid is leaning against the glass and a t-rex is roaring at him. So in their mind, fuck it. We'll make something that these people will want to see so they create a brand new dino.

    I'm personally super pumped.
  5. Hopefully the dialogue is not as sucky as in the trailer. I actually dislike all things Jurassic Park because Spielberg sucks, but I will watch this one because I feel it might work for some reason. Godzilla being fucking glorious helps too.
  6. I almost instantly thought it was going to be a remake, but reading this thread makes me think otherwise: It's the 4th film. Not a reboot, not a remake, not a whatever. A brand new Jurassic film. Why? The way Chris Pratt acted in the scenes cut in the trailer.
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