Jury believes husband in sex-slave lawsuit

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by GrammarNazi82, Jun 20, 2013.

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  1. Wow....

    Full story.
  2. Sounds like the kind of stuff I read in hentai mangas.
  3. Wow. So the guy abuses his wife and somehow it's her fault. Misogyny at it's finest.

  4. If it's true that she initiated the "kinky sexual acts," that she aborted their baby behind his back and that she set it up to be his abusive doing in a case to try to get money from him, as a jury found to be the case, then yes it's her fault.

    I live in a fucked up state, this shit isnt irregular. DUde has money, she married him without generating income (painted as gold digger) and therefor had every opportunity to leave the dude she planned on spending her life with. $$$ = not guilty. shameful.
  6. Regardless of the state, I think this happens a lot more than we like to acknowledge. Despite the woman being victimized, some men get away with their crimes despite the conclusive evidence against them. There's still rampant misogyny in our culture. It's disgusting that despite how we're supposed to have equal rights and treatment, women are still treated at times like secondhand citizens.
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  7. yeah im cool with your last sentence.
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  8. IF it's true. But how can you know it's not just a story weaved by the defense in order to distract the jury? Which is quite likely, considering that is exactly the defence's job.

    The article was kind of vague. They didn't mention if there was any proof this abortion. It mostly seems a case of his word against hers. And apparently his word is more plausible. Which why I mentioned misogyny. The jury seemed very eager to believe the woman in question was a submissive gold digging whore rather than a victim of abuse. So do you, it seems.

    But like I said, I don't know the details. I could be totally wrong, I don't know. Just giving an observation based on the article. Who cares anyway? She's a slut, he's a bastard. It's not really something worth analyzing.
  9. Everything goes both ways. While there are cases where men are treated higher then women, there are others where women are treated higher then men. It's all discrimination and fear of a public reaction for a lot of these reasons. Equal rights is something that we will probally never see in this lifetime, or many to come.

  10. By all means, please show me where I said that. I said if everything the JURY found to be the case is true, then yes, it is her fault. "Innocent until proven guilty" is all fine and good. This case, however, has already been settled and closed. I come from a long line of women in abusive relationships, thank you very much. I'm a southern woman, after all. So fuck no. If the woman was genuinely abused then by all means, hang the guy up by his nutsack for all I care. I wasn't on the jury. Neither were you. I wasn't in the courtroom. Neither were you. Cast stones and make blind judgments about me all you wish, but the fact remains that the jury who was present and heard all testimony from BOTH sides saw enough evidence to side with the man. Do I believe women are abused and that the males who abuse them should be properly punished? Abso-fucking-lutely. Do I believe some females play the vagina card and try to manipulate others to get what they want, thinking being a female automatically means they gain sympathy and win whatever they're going after, playing the victim in a relationship with a man? Again, abso-fucking-lutely. As the article states, she had plenty of time and opportunities to leave her husband if she was indeed being abused. In this instance, given what the full article reveals and how the JURY found the case, then yes, I'm inclined to believe that the ex-wife purported to be a victim of abuse to get money. Why? Because believe it or not, in this fucked up world we live in, that is just as likely a scenario as the ex-husband abusing her sexually. Also, again given my history, as pissed off as I get about women being abused, I also get pissed off about females claiming to be abused and making that shit up.
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  11. bitch shh.
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  12. :okay:
  13. Better pull out something vintage for this post...
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  14. :yay: I missed that gif!
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  15. I only save it for the most intense moments :mog:
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  16. Sorry, I didn't mean to upset you. I'm not good with text. I really didn't mean to judge anyone, least of all you. I don't even know you. Like I said, I was just making an idle observation. My post wasn't even hostile. It was just a post. I had no idea what you thinking or what you were really saying. I just read it and replied. Sorry again.

  17. No harm, no foul. I appreciate it. I just don't like being called out like that. I understand it's harder to come across well in text though, so no worries there.
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